Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes | A Beginner’s Guide

Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes


Have you been wanting to dip your toe in the waters of making your own healthy smoothies? Fruit Smoothies have so many health benefits:  boosted immunity, weight loss aid, nutrient delivery. Here’s a basic primer on how to get started making your own Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes.  Let me know if you try any of these recipes! I’d love to hear your experiences!

Start with Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes – this post details the basics of making your first smoothie.

Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes

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Don’t want a smoothie? Try this  healthy green juice recipe.

Smoothie Add-ins:

Chia Seeds – great source of protein and fiber; these little guys keep you feeling full

Flax Seeds  – need to be crushed or blended thoroughly or they’ll just pass through 😉

Wheat Germ – adds protein and natural oils

Goji Berries – provide 20 vitamins & minerals including Vitamin A, Zinc, Iron, and more. Great for immune-boosting!

Want to get ambitious? Make this Cherry Syrup Recipe to add an antioxidant and flavor boost to any smoothie!

Tools for making Healthy Fruit Smoothies:

I use a Blendtec to make my healthy smoothie recipes. I have the Blendtec Designer Series Blender and it makes it easy to prepare smoothies quickly. It gets used nearly every day.

Looking for something more affordable? The Cuisinart SPB-600 SmartPower Deluxe Die Cast Blender is a solid choice, but won’t blend ice and frozen fruit quite as easily as a higher-powered blender.

I store my smoothies in glass jars – the bonus is that I can drink out of them too!  Don’t forget the Glass straw!

Looking for Kids’ Smoothie Recipes? Here are some resources to get started: