Why the Women’s Strike was Never Going to Work

I chose to work yesterday.  My children had school, and though I saw several teachers wearing red, I was deeply grateful for not having to find alternate care in the event that their (exclusively female) teachers decided to strike. I worked because had I not, my own class of students would have been taught by a sub, who, since my department is predominately female, would likely have been another woman doing extra work for no extra compensation. … [Read more...]

Show Me Your #ShiftConLove! My Favorites from My Favorite Social Media Conference: ShiftCon!

If you're a longtime Mindfully Frugal Mom reader, you may remember that two years ago I had a life-changing experience at Shiftcon, the first! and only! social media conference focused solely on clean and organic products and companies. Leah Segedie, the organizer of Shiftcon, does her homework. If a product or brand is represented at Shiftcon, I am confident that it is a safe product from a company with ethical and sustainable business and … [Read more...]

My Three Happy Things

  Remember, like, two months ago, when I was all, YEAH! I'm gonna do this weekly post of my five favorite things? Yeah, I didn't do it. Between my day job, and my kids, and some seasonally-induced anxiety, I turned into a blogger who doesn't blog. But I am excited about these things! And I want to share these exciting things with you! My Three Happy Things: Stonyfield Organic Grassfed Yogurt. Even though autocorrect doesn't … [Read more...]

My 5 Happy Things – 1/8/15

It's a new year, and I'm starting a new weekly column here on Mindfully Frugal Mom: My 5 Happy Things. Every week my 5 Happy Things will be different: they could be products, people, happenings, or just the fact that my butt looks good that week. WHO KNOWS. Here it is: the very first installment of MY 5 HAPPY THINGS: 1. This picture showed up in my Facebook Memories. My daughter was about to turn 3 in this picture. Next week, we will … [Read more...]

Why Organic Milk Costs More than Conventional – and Why it’s Absolutely Worth It

This is my second post about the Stonyfield Farm Tour I recently had the honor of attending. You can read Part One of My Stonyfield Trip post here. When I tell people that I write a blog focused on how to have a healthy lifestyle AND save money doing it, the question that I am most frequently asked is: Why is organic milk SO expensive? Do you really buy all organic food? The answer to the second question is easier than the first. No, I do … [Read more...]

My Stonyfield Farm Tour: All Roads (Eventually) Lead to Pasture

I'm sitting here in front of a blank computer screen trying to find the right words, the right way to describe this amazing, crazy-zany, eye-opening road trip I've been on for the last four days with my lovely and smart guides from Stonyfield Farms. Kristina, Mairead, and Britt, all fabulous Stonyfield employees, took a group of 13 food, travel, fashion, DIY,  and mom bloggers all over New England on a grand "Tour de Farm."  I've worked with … [Read more...]

Would You Try Telemedicine? My Experience with Amwell #MomsLoveAmwell

I participated in the Amwell blog program as a member of One2One Network. I received compensation but all opinions are my own. Telehealth is one of the fastest growing specialties in medicine.  In the past, telemedicine had a reputation for being sort of on the fringes of traditional medicine. With the advent of more sophisticated technologies, telemedicine is really hitting its stride as a legitimate way to treat patients who (for a variety … [Read more...]

A Tour of the Rochester NY Costco: Is it Worth the Membership?

There was a LOT of buzz surrounding last week's opening of Costco in  Rochester, NY. While I did not feel compelled to visit on the very first day, I finally had the opportunity to hop in after work this week. My hopes were high. Very high. In fact, I was so confident, I spent $50 on a membership before I even stepped a foot in the store. Before you chastise me for such impulsivity, I had done some research; the location is 2 minutes from my … [Read more...]

Revita5 Food and Fitness Challenge Update: The Halfway Mark + Confessions

Disclosure: I received the Revita5 Challenge at a blogger rate, but all experiences and opinions are my own. When I started the Revita5 Food and Fitness Transformation two and a half weeks ago, it was with optimism and enthusiasm.  A couple weeks later, my efforts have flagged somewhat, but I am still seeing some really great results of the Revita5 program. First, though,  my confessions. My Revita 5 Confessions: I didn't take my Revita5 … [Read more...]

My Indigo Tones Color Analysis – Complete with Hair-tervention.

It was over two months ago when I announced that I was going to have Kerry from Indigo Tones do my personalized color analysis. But then life got in the way, and I haven't been able to get in for an appointment until this past week. Let me tell you, it was pretty life-changing. And before you say, but, it's just colors! Isn't this just an exercise in vanity? Only if saving money, minimalizing your wardrobe (it's a good thing), and gaining … [Read more...]

Revita5 Food and Fitness Transformation: This is My Before.

Disclosure: While this is an unpaid post, I did get a special blogger deal on the Revita5 Group Challenge. But here's the thing: I'm still going to be doing this along with everyone else, and my struggles, successes, and opinions are, as always, my own. Listen, this is not my first ride on the Body-Cleanse Train. I've done the Brightspring 10-day Detox (which went well) and a Juice Cleanse (which didn't). Clean eating, superfoods, and organic … [Read more...]

Stitch Fix Review: Forget Everything You Know About Fashion Subscription Boxes

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Stitch Fix, as far as I know, doesn't even know about this post. I will, however, get a credit to the service if you sign up through my link. I have been hearing about Stitch Fix, mostly through word of mouth but occasionally through a blog review, for over a year.  I've been dying to try it, except for one nagging worry holding me back: Would the items I got in my "Fix" be more expensive than I … [Read more...]

The Only Color Analysis You Will Ever Need

I've written many, many times about my love of online consignment retailer Twice.  I've purchased everything from jeans to shoes to Anthropologie dresses. Here's the thing I haven't written about -- in nearly every order (and I probably purchase something at least once a month), I end up shipping something back. It's the wrong color, or size, or it just looks. . .wrong. Now, I love Twice, and I love shopping. But I don't love shipping things … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas + 15% off at Modcloth

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Some of my absolute favorite clothing items - the ones that garner compliments EVERY time I wear them - are from Modcloth. Modcloth has super sweet and sassy Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas. My favorite look is casual but heavy on the hearts! I just love these pieces. Heartbeat the Heat Sweater - I would wear this 24/7/264. … [Read more...]