How to Make a DIY Jewelry Holder (For under $10!)

I love jewelry. Always have. Not the kind that Jane Seymour hocks at the mall, but fun little trinkets I've found at flea markets, bought from local makers, or have been given as gifts. Usually, my most frequently-worn pieces never get put away, but live in a chaotic jumble on my dresser. When I want to wear something, I need to dig through the pile and untangle the item I want before I can head out the door in the morning. After a little … [Read more...]

Household Items that are Easier and Cheaper to Make | Homemade Beauty Products & Homemade Cleaning Products

Here's the live broadcast with more details on Fox Rochester. Homemade Beauty Products: Homemade Hand Soap - naturally antibacterial and triclosan-free! Homemade Zit Zapper The Oil Cleansing Method: The Only Facial Cleanser You’ll Ever Need - 2 ingredients and customizable to your needs - it really works, even for my combination skin. Plus, you can change the formula as the seasons change. Exfoliating Scrub - DIY Body Polish - … [Read more...]

DIY Dusty Crophopper Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas from Disney’s Planes | Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Note: This is a guest post written by my dear and crafty friend Stacey. I defer to her in all major craft projects. :) I know its not Halloween yet, its not even time for most people to think about Halloween. However, we are traveling to Disney World at the beginning of October and will be attending Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. It’s a fantastic event where the whole family can dress up, trick or treat and hang out with your favorite … [Read more...]

Frozen Mix to make a Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

The month of December brought a lot of bad eating habits that I'm trying to break my family and myself of, and it's not just cookies (although I won't lie, I think I ate about 2 dozen peanut butter cookies in a 1 week period). One of the most problematic practices we fell into was consuming too much pre-packaged "convenience" food. My kids love having a smoothie for a mid-morning snack, but I started buying the pre-packaged freezer mixes last … [Read more...]

Last Minute Holiday Gifts – 17 Easy to Make, Put Together, or Buy on the fly Ideas

Are you really in a bind? I know very few people who wouldn't like a nice big mug filled with some of their favorite tea or coffee with a bow on top. :) Edible Gifts: DIY Gifts: Chocolate Toffee Coconut Bark Peppermint Bark Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles Giftable Pancake Mix in a Jar Blondies in a Jar Holiday Cookie Recipes: The 12 Days of Cookies Chocolate Orange Truffles Herb-Infused Vinegar Herb-Infused Olive … [Read more...]

Make it Yourself: DIY Body Polish

Everyone loves luxury. This decadent body polish feels so rich, you won't believe it's homemade with items from your kitchen. It makes a beautiful last minute gift you can whip up in under 5 minutes! Here's what you need: 4 tbsp coconut oil 1/2 cup brown sugar 4 tbsp honey 3 drops lavender essential oil Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a small bowl. That's it! Carefully ladle the mixture into a 4-oz canning jar, add … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles

I haven't had good luck trying new recipes lately. Often when I cook, I am tweaking, trying new things, and experimenting. Many times I'm rewarded with a fun new recipe. Other times, like last week, I had several complete flops, most notably in my attempt for a vegan coconut macaroon (who knew eggs were that important!?) I'm SO thrilled that this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles was a huge hit in my house, coming off the tails of those … [Read more...]

DIY Gifts: Chocolate Bark with Toffee and Coconut

There's nothing like an edible gift. First, you can tailor it to the recipient's tastes. Second, it doesn't clutter up your house. And finally, if you don't like it, someone else will ALWAYS take it. I had the pleasure last week of helping my husband polish off a box of Caramel Delites Girl Scout cookies (if you're old like me, you remember them as Samoas). That yummy candy crunch paired with rich coconut and sweet chocolate was my … [Read more...]

DIY Frugal Gift Ideas: Framed Recipe Card Craft

  We're all trying to spend less for the holidays, but I also really would like to focus on more thoughtful gifts that really reflect the recipient.  Why not take a beloved family recipe card(complete with burnt sugar stains and annotations from over the years), and frame it beautifully to make a lovely gift with a personal meaning? The recipe I framed above is from a book that was my grandmother's in the 1950's. It is falling apart at … [Read more...]

Make it Yourself: Reusable Gift Bags

One thing I vowed to do this Christmas is to try to reduce the prodigious amount of waste this holiday generates by using only reusable gift wrap. It gives me the shivers to see so much paper, ripped off in a second, then tossed in the trash. If you can sew a straight line (and I barely can), you can make your own reusable fabric gift bags. I don't even measure. I mean, you can, if you like to be precise, but I'm kind of an on-the-fly girl. … [Read more...]

Make It Yourself: Cream of Broccoli, Chicken, or Mushroom Soup

As we head into November, my family starts asking me for comfort food: casseroles, pot pie, and my Green Bean Stuffing Casserole. But no one asks for MSG, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors. :) My homemade cream soup recipe has been so popular, I wanted to give you even more options to customize it to use in your favorite recipes. Now there is no reason to reach for the canned stuff since it's easy and quick to whip up a batch … [Read more...]

Apple Pie Filling – Homemade and Freezable!

Editor's Note: This was originally posted October 2011, but has been updated. There is absolutely nothing better than fresh, homemade apple pie. Even better if you pick the apples yourself, that morning, preferably wearing a gingham apron and singing some Disney tune. If that image doesn’t describe your apple-aquisition habits, this post is for you.  Here in upstate New York, fall is apple season. The apples are fresh, local, and … [Read more...]

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent with just TWO Ingredients

As with many household problems, the best solution is often the easiest. I have been trying many different so-called "eco-friendly" commercial dishwasher detergents, but mostly they just don't work.  It's really annoying to have "clean" dishes come out the same way you put them in (see picture on left, above). One day I was completely out of dishwasher detergent with a full load of dirty dishes to wash. Since there was no way I was going to … [Read more...]

Lose those nighttime fears with Monster-Be-Gone

Can you relate to this? It's been a long day of parenting. You finally put your child to bed, turn off the lights, and sit down to relax with the Real Housewives (insert your own mindless guilty pleasure). Then it starts. First the whimpering. You stay very still and hope you're just imagining it. But it becomes harder and harder to ignore. The crying reaches a fever pitch and you click off the Real Housewives and trudge your tired limbs … [Read more...]