Weekly Shopping Trips: Rite Aid and Aldi

Rite Aid was my first stop this week because I wanted to snag this great deal on Kellogg's cereal. I spent a total of $11.10 on 6 boxes of cereal -- and $0.99 for Toy Story pencils on clearance for my son's birthday party. That comes out to $1.68 per box, but I also have $3 in +UP rewards to spend. Here's how to snag this deal: Purchase 6 boxes of cereal at RiteAid -- they are 3/$7.50 Use this $5/5 Printable Coupon (good in Rochester … [Read more...]

Wegmans & Aldi’s: Turning Over a New Leaf

After some budgeting recently, my husband and I decided to really get more serious about saving for a new house. In order to reach those goals, we realized we have to be much more diligent about our weekly grocery spending to stay within our new budget. To reign in our spending, I've taken a few steps: shopping the sales at different stores; even though it's more convenient to just stop at Wegmans, I can get much better prices on my husband's … [Read more...]

Super Shopping Day: Public Market, Aldi, and Wegmans!

This week I attempted to hit three different stores but spend well under my budgeted $80 a week limit. I'm super-excited to say I succeeded. My first trip was to the Public Market.  Since we don't get our CSA box from October-May, I've been jonesing for fresh fruits and vegetables, but I just can't stomach some of Wegmans' produce prices. At the public market on Saturday I purchased 4 pomegranates, about 10 pounds of Honeycrisp apples, a bunch … [Read more...]

Oh, Aldi, How I’ve Missed You!

I got lazy over the summer, and in an attempt to consolidate my food shopping, went exclusively to Wegmans, and supplemented with whatever came in our CSA share. Now that the school year's back in session, and easy lunches need to be made or brought every day, I need to be a little less lax, and for some items, Aldi is definitely the more cost-effective choice.  For example, my husband brings a ham and cheese wrap with pretzels to work … [Read more...]

Wegmans vs. Aldi: Battle of the Grocery Stores

Now, I know some people will dither with the title of this post. Why? Because, they argue, Wegman’s is not just a “grocery store” -- it’s an experience. Well, yes, indeed it is. And for the record, I cannot imagine a time when I will not shop at Wegmans.   But I’ve been saving a lot of money at Aldi lately, so I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison of each store to really see if it’s worth it to go to both stores every week.  … [Read more...]

Aldi’s Trip: Under $20 AGAIN!

I had both kids with me for my shopping this week, and since Aldi was only my first stop, I really wanted to get in and out.   I was thrilled to see that they had Lifeway Kefir (or “strawberry milkshake” as my kids know it!) for $2.49/bottle again.  They also had Bolthouse Farms 100% Organic Carrot Juice for only $2.69/bottle (normally $4.29 at Wegmans). I didn’t buy any though, because I’ve never tried carrot juice.  Is there a … [Read more...]

A Quick Aldi Trip and a Daring Proposition

After much mental and emotional gearing up, I think I am about to attempt the impossible: go a week without stepping in a Wegmans. I know, crazy, right?Last week was sort of bananas, due to 2 sick kids, and I didn't end up making a couple of the meals I had planned. As a result, I still have enough meat in the freezer to get us through the week, and enough pasta, rice, and couscous to round out the meals. We are admittedly low on fruits and … [Read more...]