Mind the (Nutritional) Gap with MegaFood Nutrient Booster + Easiest Organic Smoothie Recipe

Disclosure: I received complimentary MegaFoods product for the purpose of writing this post, but the opinions are, as always, my own. 

Easiest Organic Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are kinda my thing. I mean, I have an entire category heading on this blog devoted to Healthy Smoothie Recipes. I’ve made energy smoothies, smoothies for weight loss, breakfast smoothies, smoothies for kids . . . you get the point. The easiest organic smoothie recipe is even at the end of this post!

I really like smoothies.

Since smoothies are a part of my daily life — I make one for myself and my children, and sometimes my dudefriend, every morning — I’m always tinkering with my smoothie recipes, trying to make them more delicious but keeping or increasing their nutritional boost.

It’s winter in upstate New York, and it seems like everyone is sick.  Smoothies are my favorite secret weapon for getting fruits and veggies into my kids on a daily basis and trying to keep them healthy.

If my kids have a smoothie with some spinach and some fruit in it every morning, at least I know they have had SOME whole plant nutrition that day, even if they have pizza for lunch and take out dinner.

MegaFood has come up with an amazing line of nutrient boosters that increase the whole food nutrition in every smoothie I make! They sent me three nutrient boosters,  the Daily Turmeric, Daily Purify, and Daily C-Protect.


The Daily C-Protect Nutrient Booster is on heavy rotation in my kitchen this week. Both my children and I have started coughing, and I am anxious to keep our energy and immune levels at peak. So every day I pour a scoop of Daily C-Protect into our smoothies.


Even though it’s made from superfruits like blueberries and cranberries, since it’s unsweetened, it doesn’t change the taste of the smoothie at all. That’s great: we’re all getting more plant nutrients in our day and we can’t even tell! It also contains organic astragalus and schisandra berry. I’ve taken astragalus caplets in the past and they seemed to help my energy levels, but since I hate taking (more) pills in the morning, I stopped. The MegaFood nutrient boosters are perfect because they make it easy to get the whole food, plant based nutrients we need to stay healthy.

Listen, we’re a busy family, and while I believe in giving my children whole, organic foods all the time, life frequently gets in the way. MegaFood Nutrient boosters help close that nutritional gap.

Let’s help MegaFood close the nutritional gap for everyone. For every pledge MegaFood recieves (pledge here!), they will donate a bottle of MegaFood multivitamins to those in need.

When you pledge, you’ll receive a $5 off coupon toward a purchase of any MegaFood Multivitamin, AND will be entered to win a year’s supply of MegaFood Multivitamins and a trip to a wellness retreat.

Will you take the pledge with me?

In the time it takes to click the link above, you can make my favorite easiest organic smoothie recipe!

Easiest Organic Smoothie Recipe

(serves 1, can be doubled or tripled)


  • 1/2 cup plain organic greek yogurt (I prefer Stonyfield or Organic Valley brand)
  • 1/2 cup frozen organic strawberries
  • 1 scoop MegaFood Daily C-Protect Nutrient Booster

Blend all ingredients together in a high powered blender. Serve immediately. Feel healthier.


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