Stonyfield Whole Milk Smoothies: Our new Go-To Snack!

Whole Milk Smoothies


Stonyfield sent me four 4-packs of their Organic Whole Milk Smoothies on Wednesday.

Today is Sunday, and two entire 4-packs are gone. My children CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THEM. Admittedly, I have had two myself, including this one I drank to refuel during a grueling shift at work, but my children have consumed at least a smoothie per day since they arrived.

Whole Milk Smoothies


While I do make my own smoothies a lot, I love the grab and go convenience of Stonyfield’s Organic Whole Milk Smoothies. It’s great for those mornings when we oversleep – which happens at least twice a week. :)

Why is whole milk yogurt different?

  • Whole milk is more filling, due to a higher fat content. This will help you stay full longer.
  • Whole milk has a richer, satisfying taste, which means there is no need for added sugars.
  • Whole milk has the minimum amount of processing. It is whole and natural!

Have you tried Stonyfield Whole Milk Yogurt Smoothies yet? What did you think?

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