School Supply Deals: How to Save Money on Your Back to School Shopping

Disclosure: This post on school supply deals is sponsored by Staples, who were a huge help in my money-saving quest this year!

School Supply Deals

The kids still had two weeks left at the end of June when I found the School Supply Lists for 2016-2017 in their backpacks. I was still underwater with class parties, teacher gifts, and planning summer activities – no way did I want to think about preparing for the fall at that point! At our school, you can purchase a pre-packaged set of school supplies, with everything you need, to be delivered to your child’s desk in September.

This sounds pretty great, but the problem is that parents PAY for that convenience. I looked at some of the prices – upwards of $60 for my son — and said, no way. I KNOW I can obtain all my kids’ supplies for less than that.

While there are MANY places to find good deals on school supplies (I wait all year for the $.25 crayons), I decided to start at Staples.  For one thing, the good folks at Staples sent me a Back To School stash of supplies that I will definitely use (don’t worry – I’m giving the same stash away to one lucky reader – more later!)

How To Get School Supply Deals:

Price Matching:

A lot of stores have price-matching programs. Staples is different. If you find an item for a lower price somewhere else, not only will Staples match the lower price, it will discount that item 10% OFF the lowest price. I don’t know of any other store that has that kind of an offer. PLUS, they will match both retail and online stores, INCLUDING AMAZON.


Oh, and if you buy something at Staples or and the price goes lower within 14 days, you’ll get a price adjustment. NO WORRIES.

Staples Rewards

Based on your purchasing, by signing up for the Staples Rewards program, you’ll get between 2% and 5% cashback on ALL purchases at Staples or In addition, you’ll get free shipping at on orders of over $14.99.  That means you can get all the savings AND NOT HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE.  I signed up for the Staples Rewards program, and it took me less than a minute (literally. I timed it.)


Weekly School Steals 

Every week, check out what is the lowest price at each store. Staples has its own list. But bring those lists to Staples to take advantage of the 110% price match guarantee!


When you shop, DON’T FORGET TO USE EBATES! Get in the habit of checking Ebates before every online purchase for a cash back offer. I use ebates when I shop online, and I love getting a check every six months or so! Cash back amounts range from 2% to 15%, depending on the store.

Tech Deals

Staples also has several amazing deals on technology to help parents and students get back to school on budget.

Among the top technology deals at Staples are:

I promised I’d tell you about the giveaway! Staples is furnishing the entire back to school essentials pack you see below! It includes:

  • Staples® 2-Pocket Folder – $0.17 (in-store only)
  • Staples® 1-subject notebook – $0.17 (in-store only)
  • Westcott® 12″ Wood Ruler, Beveled Edge – $0.25
  • Staples® Composition Notebook, Black – $0.50
  • Crayola® Crayons, 24/Box – $0.50 (in-store only)
  • Staples Yellow Pencils, #2, 12/Pack – $0.75
  • Staples® Washable Glue Sticks, 4/Pack – $1.00
  • Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer, Original, 8+2 oz. – $2.00
  • Post-it® Notes, 3″ x 3″ , Canary Yellow, 4/Pack – $3.00
  • Staples® earbuds – $7.00
  • Designed by Students Stow It All Backpack (Grey/Blue) – $24.99

School Supply Deals

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Good Luck!

I’d love to hear what your best back to school savings deals are!

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  1. I’m all done school shopping besides headphones.

  2. I love shopping all the deals for school supplies and buying them for ALL year because in January they need new pencils, pens, folders, etc…

  3. I watch,, every local sale paper we get.

  4. I check the flyer for sales before I go. I also buy in bulk when possible, since I have 4 school-aged kids. I buy the less-expensive option also.

  5. I also went to Staples to get school supplies for my kids and tried to buy a bit extra in case another child in the class was short on stuff. Thank you for the information about the price matching. I actually ordered stuff from amazon on my phone while in Staples because it cost less on Amazon.