Have You Had Duck Egg Frozen Custard? Our Spotted Duck Creamery Visit

When my friend Chris from Exploring Upstate told me about his trip to Spotted Duck Creamery, owned by Daniel and Elizabeth Hoover,  I immediately knew I needed to go and take my kids to try this duck egg frozen custard ourselves.

Spotted Duck Creamery’s draw is that they make their frozen custard with DUCK eggs (instead of the more typical chicken eggs).  Apparently the firmer white of the duck eggs results in a dramatically creamier custard.

Here in Rochester, we know a little bit about custard.

So I took my three favorite ice cream connoisseurs with me to make the final call on Spotted Duck’s frozen custard (my two kids and a friend).

Spotted Duck 2

After quite a long and intense deliberation, the two boys ordered Strawberry Rhubarb, and my daughter ordered salted caramel. They all chose the waffle cones, which are organic and handmade every morning.

Incidentally, the waffle cones are made with chicken eggs. The high density duck eggs that make the custard so creamy is problematic in waffles, which should be light and fluffy. Daniel Hoover, the owner, makes the waffle cones fresh daily.

Spotted Duck 3

I chose to order the “Hollywood Flight,” a selection of 4 flavors.

Spotted Duck 4

From top to bottom:

  • Ditch Mint Chip
  • Tad’s Java Junction (with real Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters coffee!)
  • Vanilla Créme
  • Hot Mud (with jalapeños – it had an intense heat I wasn’t expecting!)

Every flavor was amazing, but my favorite was the Ditch Mint Chip.  The mint was simultaneously sweet and tangy. Later, Elizabeth picked some  fresh mint from her garden for us to chew on as an aperitif. No wonder the Ditch Mint Chip tasted so fresh!

If I said that it was truly a sublime experience, I would be underestimating it. The Hoover’s frozen custard has a rich unctuousness that is absent from typical custard. Transcendent comes close.

After we were done with our ice cream, we trekked into the barn to search for some eggs! Elizabeth was SO hospitable. She clearly has a passion for organic farming and her flock.

Spotted Duck 7

We found a green one! The Hoovers keep rare Ancona ducks in order to help promote genetic diversity among heirloom breeds.

Spotted Duck 8

Yes, that is a chicken in there! The ducks don’t lay quite as many eggs as chicken do, but one duck may lay 5 eggs per week (chickens can lay daily). I asked Elizabeth what they do with eggs from 50 ducks that lay 10 months a year. I couldn’t imagine eating more than 1 or 2 dozen eggs a week. Elizabeth explained that her family of 5 can easily go through a DOZEN eggs for breakfast.

Spotted Duck 6

Eggs, whether duck or chicken, do not go to waste on the Hoover farm.

Neither did any of our ice cream.

Spotted Duck 5

Two of the three kids stated that their favorite part was the Creamery Kitty. (The third said the custard, of course).

Creamery Kitty
Spotted Duck 1

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  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I am taking my nephews to Spotted Duck Creamery on Friday and was looking for info on it. I enjoyed the pictures of the kids having so much fun!