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“Duuuuuumb Ways to-Die! So many Duuuuumb Ways to-die!”

If you’re the parent or caregiver of an elementary-aged child, there is no doubt you’ve gotten this catchy tune stuck in your head. My second grader LOVES Dumb Ways to Die, but I’ll be honest, I first thought it was just another weird game that “all the second grade” was playing (according to my son).

I had no idea that Dumb Ways to Die started as a safety campaign to promote safe behavior around trains and train crossings.

The fact that this hugely popular game has an important safety message was a total game changer for me. The graphics are a tad gory for my younger child, though. Enter Dumb Ways JR!  Dumb Ways JR reinforces safety messages in a fun, educational, and age-appropriate way for 3 to 7 year olds.

Dumb Ways JR

There are currently two Dumb Ways JR games: Boffo’s Breakfast and Loopy’s Train Set.

Both feature open-ended, multi-sensory play that helps develop problem-solving skills within a framework of safety education.

Clearly this child needs all the safety education I can give her!

Dumb Ways JR

Young children use best through fun, silly humor, and play-based activities where they can direct the outcomes. The designers of Dumb Ways JR games deliver on all of these!

I have very few kids’ games on my own iPhone, but the Dumb Ways JR games are two of the three games I have on my phone. Boffo’s Breakfast is what keeps my 6 year old happy and busy while my older child is at sports practice. Also, there is no WiFi required, so the kids can play in the car, too!

Dumb Ways JR

In fact, it’s not just the 6 year old. My 8 year old loves Loopy’s Train Set too! We live a few blocks from a major train crossing, and often have to navigate it on our bikes. The safety lessons I try to teach my children are reinforced with Loopy’s Train Set, where children can learn about various aspects of train safety such as the boom gates at the level crossings automatically come down when the train approaches.

Dumb Ways JR

About Boffo’s Breakfast:

This app engages children in fun, imaginative play where players can create endless food mash-ups for a hungry Boffo. Watch Boffo react when he bites into a whole chilli or when weird ingredients are combined –sprinkles with eggs just don’t go well together! Kids think it’s hilarious when Boffo screws his face up to combinations he doesn’t like. Players create fun meals from 20 ingredients, learn about food combinations and experiment as they tap, stir, mix and swipe. Children can learn about various aspects of kitchen safety in the app such as when Boffo gets worried when the heat is too high on the stove cooktop.

Boffo’s Breakfast in theApple Store

Boffo’s Breakfast on  Google Play

Loopy's Train Set

About Loopy’s Train Set:

In Loopy’s Train Set, players can select from two modes of play: Drive or Build. In Drive mode, children interact by using onscreen controls to drive Loopy’s train around a prebuilt track. The design encourages children to create their own narratives as they assist passengers to board and exit the train as well as select the train speed and more points to alter the route. In Build mode, the children are the makers. They create their own train track by arranging and connecting different-shaped pieces of track. They can also add items such as houses, trees and animals to their scene. After they have built some track, players can drive the train along it.

Loopy’s Train set in the Apple Store

Loopy’s Train Set on Google Play


The Dumb Ways JR folks have two more games up their sleeves and I absolutely can’t wait! One is aviation-themed and the other is doctor/hospital themed, but that’s all I can tell you!
Dumb Ways JR

What is your favorite Dumb Ways Game?


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