My Three Happy Things

Happy Things


Remember, like, two months ago, when I was all, YEAH! I’m gonna do this weekly post of my five favorite things?

Yeah, I didn’t do it.

Between my day job, and my kids, and some seasonally-induced anxiety, I turned into a blogger who doesn’t blog.

But I am excited about these things! And I want to share these exciting things with you!

My Three Happy Things:

  1. Stonyfield Organic Grassfed Yogurt. Even though autocorrect doesn’t think “Grassfed” is a word, it absolutely is a thing! Grassfed means that the cows that make the milk are eating pasture grasses ALL year round — every single day. These gorgeous, happy cows come from Maple Hill Farm in Pennsylvania.  Stonyfield sent me some of the vanilla and Strawberry flavors, and they are DELISH! Stonyfield also has a new line of WHOLE MILK Greek yogurt, which I am absolutely in love with — and annoyed that none of my local stores carry it. Time to start a letter-writing campaign!

Stonyfield Grassfed

2. THE SUN FINALLY CAME OUT IN UPSTATE NEW YORK! Ok, it was only out for a couple hours one day, but I will take it. It was glorious and I sat and literally basked in the sunshine.

3. I KonMari-ed the shit outta my makeup bag. No big deal, you say?  I have been lugging a mason jar full of brushes and a giant bag crammed full of every type of face spackle you can imagine every time I go somewhere overnight. It is ridiculous. So I pared down. Result? I find myself wearing less makeup in general, and I feel like I look fine. (Shocking, right?)

Makeup Collection


What are your happy things this week?

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