My Stonyfield Farm Tour: All Roads (Eventually) Lead to Pasture

I’m sitting here in front of a blank computer screen trying to find the right words, the right way to describe this amazing, crazy-zany, eye-opening road trip I’ve been on for the last four days with my lovely and smart guides from Stonyfield Farms.

Kristina, Mairead, and Britt, all fabulous Stonyfield employees, took a group of 13 food, travel, fashion, DIY,  and mom bloggers all over New England on a grand “Tour de Farm.”  I’ve worked with Stonyfield in some capacity for the past nearly four years.  Clearly, I’m in love with Stonyfield as a brand and I love every single person I’ve worked with from Stonyfield. When the opportunity arose to go on an adventure touring some of the organic dairy farms that supply Stonyfield with the milk they use, I immediately dropped everything and decided to go.

From the first night, when I arrived with the 12 other bloggers at the Woodstock Inn in Vermont, I felt taken care of and at home. We were treated to a private 3 course dinner with a menu crafted just for our group.

Organic Farm Tour


When we got up the next morning, there was a misty fog peeking out of the nooks and crannies of Woodstock.  Everyone scrambled to grab their cameras and snap a few images before we got in the van for our first farm visit.

Woodstock in the morning

On the itinerary: two organic dairy farms. We had planned on arriving at the first, Beaudoin Farm, at 10 am.

Didn’t happen. We rolled in sometime around 11:20. Why were we so late? I’m not really sure. All I know is that in 4 years of chaperoning High School seniors in Washington, DC, it was FAR easier to corral 80 seniors than it was to move a dozen bloggers.

In this case, we got a teensy bit lost. If you’ve driven around the windy and very beautiful roads of rural Vermont and New Hampshire, you know how easy it is to lose one’s way.

But if we hadn’t gotten lost, we wouldn’t have stopped at this adorable little general store:

General Store

And taken this picture:

Barnard VT


I mean, seriously. LOOK AT THAT BACKGROUND. So gorgeous. Breathtaking. And not in a Seinfeld-esque way.

Ok, on to the farms! We finally arrived at Beaudoin’s Organic Dairy Farm around 11: 30 am. Greg Beaudoin and his daughter, Ashley, were gracious, lovely, and patient with us bloggers.


Trust me, those are happy cows. When the heard Farmer Greg’s voice, they all came rushing (as much as cows rush) over to the edge of the pasture.

Beaudoin Collage

Greg explained to us that having an organic certification means that instead of giving his animals antibiotics, he focuses on preventative care. These animals also get at least 30% of their nutrition from grazing in the gorgeous pasture. It was also clear that farming is not an easy profession. Greg told us that he works from 4 am until 9 pm.  Farming is not for the faint of heart, and organic farming in particular is even more rigorous.

Me and Cows!

Yes, that calf was, in fact, about to chew on my ponytail. Like those bright blue booties?  Since we were visiting two farms that day, we had to wear shoe covers as a bio-security measure; we didn’t want to risk bringing anything from one farm to another.

Next stop: Winsome Farms!

Winsome FarmsThe Putnams of Winsome farms greeted us as a family – mom even made us homemade cake and puppy chow. It was so sweet.

We were late, exhausted, and wet (it was raining) for our second Stonyfield dinner. But there was no way any of us were going to miss it, because we were having a VERY special guest.


Can you guess who it was?  I’ll reveal his or her identity in the next post!

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  1. Love this post and all your photos, Sarah!!

  2. What a great post! It was so great getting to meet you! Can I go back and eat all that food again? haha

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