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Almond Oil Uses

So, we all know how easy it is to make DIY household cleaners. But DIY your beauty routine?  That is a whole different ballgame! I might be just a little bit vain, but I wouldn’t use natural body care if it didn’t make me look and feel great.  Since I’ve been using natural skin care, like the Oil Cleansing Method, my skin has never looked better!  I was recently given several body and hair care products from Now Foods to try out, and while I love them all (and have been using them daily!), my favorite BY FAR is the Now Wellness Sweet Almond Oil.  I use it on every part of my body every day.

My Favorite Ways to Use Sweet Almond Oil:

Makeup Remover

A dime-size dollop of almond oil is all it takes to remove heavy eye makeup. It’s true. When I go all out with a full smoky eye, I gently coat my whole eye area with almond oil, then rinse it gently with warm water. It takes off ALL of the makeup, no matter how much it’s caked on. Make sure to get a bit under your eyes on the crow’s feet area for some extra moisturizing.

Facial Cleanser

I’ve been washing my face with oil – yes, pure oil – for the past three years. And I constantly get compliments on my skin. I use the oil cleansing method, which is very flexible. Since I started using Now Wellness Sweet Almond Oil, I’ve changed my oil cleansing method recipe. I use 1 part Sweet Almond Oil to 2 parts Castor Oil. My face is clean, healthy, and moisturized. You can also make a DIY Body Wash with a few drops of oil too!

Spilt End Repair

The idea of soaking one’s hair in oil may not sound appealing at first, but done correctly, can make a huge difference in the health of one’s hair. First of all, concentrate on the ends. Second, use a teeny tiny amount of Sweet Almond Oil: just enough so that you can feel it on your palms. Gently pat the ends of your hair with the palms of your hand. The oil will strengthen your hair and prevent more split ends!  Make sure, of course, to not get any oil by your scalp because it gets greasy really easily.

Moisturizing Body Care

Since the weather has finally warmed up in Western New York, I’ve had to shave my legs on a daily basis.  This makes them dry and irritated, so I’ve been following up each shave by rubbing a small drop of almond oil on each leg. Bonus: the Almond Oil makes my legs smooth and shiny!  For extra skin care, I’ll make up some DIY Body Scrub with Almond Oil for extra exfoliation and glow.

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Personal Lubricant

Since almond oil is light and non-greasy, it’s perfect for use as a personal lubricant.  It’s important to remember that since it is oil, it can’t be used with condoms.  Again, a little goes a long way, so try it sparingly at first. And, since it’s certified organic, and it’s technically food grade.  It’ll let you decide what to do with that information.


Find more DIY Beauty tips here. What is your favorite natural beauty tip?


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  1. I never thought of almond oil having so many uses! I always have a ton of split ends, so I’m going to have to get some and see if it helps mine.

  2. I have never used almond oil, but it actually sounds like it is quite a product to have on hand! Those are great uses!

  3. OK, I have that exact bottle of almond oil! I use it daily with my essential oils…but your last suggestion has me both chuckling AND intrigued. 😉