Revita5 Food and Fitness Challenge Update: The Halfway Mark + Confessions

Disclosure: I received the Revita5 Challenge at a blogger rate, but all experiences and opinions are my own.

Revita5When I started the Revita5 Food and Fitness Transformation two and a half weeks ago, it was with optimism and enthusiasm.  A couple weeks later, my efforts have flagged somewhat, but I am still seeing some really great results of the Revita5 program.

First, though,  my confessions.

My Revita 5 Confessions:

  • I didn’t take my Revita5 score over the weekend.  I knew I wasn’t going to work out, and I didn’t want to see my poor night’s sleep reflected in the score!
  • I also ate too much junk during the weekend. For some reason, I had this mentality that because it was the weekend, I was out, etc, it didn’t count. Obviously, that’s not true. In my (somewhat) defense, this was my PMS time and cravings were THROUGH THE ROOF.
  • Every SINGLE time I went to the YMCA to work out, I forgot my Revita5 bluetooth heart rate monitor. So that kinda sucked. On the upside, though, knowing I was doing this challenge motivated me to go work out a few more times that I normally would have.

Here’s what I am loving about the Revita5 Food and Fitness Transformation:

The overnight oatmeal breakfasts!

I know it sounds kinda nutty, but since I stopped eating cereal two years ago (carbs! sugar! processed junk!), my breakfasts don’t always fill me up until lunch. I’ll either eat a Larabar or a Stonyfield Greek yogurt with Chia seeds (which is delicious, but doesn’t last ALL morning – now I use it as my snack).  The blueberry pie overnight oats is delicious and FULL of healthy ingredients – I add chia seeds, Nutiva hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds to mine, in addition to the antioxidant power of blueberries.

Taking my Revita5 Score every morning.

It is SO validating to take my score and get a “Pump the Brakes” when I know I’ve slept poorly and am not up to a vigorous workout. Ok, so maybe that’s just me being kinda lazy with my workouts, but I do have a crazy lifestyle, and I can’t always do a killer workout and be able to function the next day.

Looking critically at my lifestyle habits.

Speaking of crazy lifestyle, having to actually spend time prepping meals and carving out additional workout time was a real struggle. I didn’t realize how strapped and stressed I have been lately.  To do a good job with the Revita5 Food and Fitness Challenge, I can’t overschedule myself. I need to make time for food prep, mindfulness, and moving my body. Like, I knew I was stretched thin. But having to practice these healthier habits (like pre-making my overnight oatmeal), made me realize that it was damaging to my health.

The online forum and support.

One thing that is different about Revita5 is that participants can get near immediate feedback from the leaders about everything from nutrition to the best ab workout. The immediate feedback and coaching is really motivating and fun!


Well, that’s my mid-point Revita5 checkin!  I’ll let you know how the 5-week program turned out in a week and a half. In the meantime, follow the Revita5 instagram account! They have recipes, encouragement and workout ideas!



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