How to Make a DIY Jewelry Holder (For under $10!)

DIY Jewelry Holder

I love jewelry. Always have. Not the kind that Jane Seymour hocks at the mall, but fun little trinkets I’ve found at flea markets, bought from local makers, or have been given as gifts. Usually, my most frequently-worn pieces never get put away, but live in a chaotic jumble on my dresser. When I want to wear something, I need to dig through the pile and untangle the item I want before I can head out the door in the morning.

After a little online sleuthing (ok, just basic googling), every jewelry organizer I found was either ugly or ridiculously overpriced ($70? I wouldn’t spend that on one bauble!)

So I made my own! It was surprisingly cheap and easy to do (and could be even cheaper if you are a frequent crafter and have some of these materials on hand). It was so easy I made a second one for my mom for her birthday, and she loved it! Or at least, she said she did.  All I know is that it’s still hanging next to her dresser.

How to Make a DIY Jewelry Holder:

1. Gather your materials. You need:

  • 10″x10″ blank canvas. You can get these at any craft store. (These are smaller than the ones I used, but they’re only $1 each!)
  • 12″x12″ piece of burlap. You can use any fabric; burlap works best for sticking earring backs into easily. If you’re not picky about the pattern, I love these burlap coffee bags!
  • 12″ piece of ribbon/lace
  • assorted buttons
  • thread/needle
  • scissors
  • stapler



2.  Sew the buttons onto the bottom of your piece of burlap. You need to do this before you attach the burlap to the canvas. I placed 4 buttons equidistant apart, about 3″ from the bottom of the burlap, and attached them with simple needle and thread.

3. Stretch the burlap over the canvas. Staple the burlap to the back of the canvas, doing only one side at a time, and stretching in between.


It’s important to make sure the fabric doesn’t sag. No one likes saggy burlap.


4. Stretch the ribbon across the top of the burlap-covered canvas. Give each side a staple to secure it on the back.


5. That’s it! I hung my canvas on the wall next to my dresser and where I can easily see and grab whatever piece of jewelry I’d like to wear that day. No sew, no glue, easy peasy!


I like using the lace ribbon because it’s “holely” and provides a secure home for my stud earrings.

Total Cost Breakdown:

  • Blank Canvas – Jo-Ann’s sells a 10-pack for $24.99, making them $2.49 each. I was lucky enough to find a set where the top canvas was damaged, so I get my pack for 60% off! Tip: I always use the RetailMeNot app to find a 40% off coupon at Jo-Anns!
  • Buttons: I spent about $4.00 on pretty buttons. If you are a crafter and have some laying around, this could be free.
  • Ribbon: $0.25 (again, possibly free if you’re a crafter)
  • Burlap: $3.99 (or less) for a 12″x12″ piece

My total cost: $9.24!


How do you think it turned out?

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  1. I love it! Such a cute idea, and I have all of the supplies (although my burlap is kind of boring…I love yours!). Thanks for the idea!

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    Visiting from #SITSgirls.

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