Stitch Fix Review: Forget Everything You Know About Fashion Subscription Boxes

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Stitch Fix, as far as I know, doesn’t even know about this post. I will, however, get a credit to the service if you sign up through my link.

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I have been hearing about Stitch Fix, mostly through word of mouth but occasionally through a blog review, for over a year.  I’ve been dying to try it, except for one nagging worry holding me back: Would the items I got in my “Fix” be more expensive than I typically spend on clothes?

Spoiler alert: YES.

But stay with me. Yes, I’m “Mindfully Frugal Mom,” but that doesn’t always mean flat-out cheap. I’ve tried a few other fashion subscription services recently (out of my own pocket), and this is the only one I’ve devoted a blog post to.


Stitch Fix is a subscription service for fashion.   Based on YOUR preferences, the Stitch Fix stylists will choose 5 items that fit your lifestyle and needs. There is a $20 “styling fee,” which will be applied to any items you purchase from your Fix. You try the items on in your own home, and ship back anything you don’t want for free. Anything you choose to purchase, you keep!

Here’s why I think using Stitch Fix Fashion Subscription Service is totally worth it:

1. Saves time. I cannot tell you how much time I spent last winter finding a well-fitting pair of black skinny pants for work. The pair I got in my Fix, while more than I would spend on pants, are THE perfect black pants.  I’ll wear them in all four seasons, with almost everything in my closet.

Stitch Fix

2. It doesn’t take much for an item to be out of my “typical” spending range. I generally buy clothes on clearance, at consignment stores, and online from Twice. However, I now have several pieces that I bought because they were a good deal, but for whatever reason, I don’t wear very often.  I’d rather have fewer pieces I wear all the time than a TON of items clogging up my closet. Also, 4 of the 5 pieces in my Fix fit me perfectly – and that includes a pair of black pants and a denim jacket, both of which are really difficult for me. The stylists definitely take into consideration your notes about your body type!

StitchFix 2

Pictured: The three pieces I kept: black skinnies, green dolman-sleeve top, dark denim jacket.


3. Stitch Fix also provides styling cards, so it is easy to see how the items they send will work with other wardrobe staples you may already own. Any service that does this much thinking for me is A-Ok by me!

StitchFix 1

Jewelry from LeTote:


4. It is SO fun to get that email that says, “Your Fix has shipped!” Listen, as adults, there is not much that can surprise us. I am totally unapologetic about how excited I am to open a new Fix! It’s like getting a birthday present from your stylish cousin every month. We ladies deserve a little perk just for us!


Stitch Fix

My Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Fix:

1. Spend time on your Style Profile. Don’t rush through it, because the stylists really take these into account when choosing your items. Also, be honest about what you need. If you are already drowning in denim, note that. If you are looking for pieces for work, or a special occasion, let them know.

2. Create a Pinterest board of fashion you love. They really do look at it and draw inspiration for your pieces! You can link to any Pinterest board you choose. I used My Style Pinterest Board for inspiration.

3. Don’t be afraid to get (a little) out of your comfort zone.  One of the questions on the Style Profile is “How adventurous do you want your Fix selections to be?”

Stitch Fix


I chose “Frequently,” as shown above, but I didn’t find my Fix particularly adventurous.  I received:

  • green dolman sleeve top (kept)
  • gray cardigan (returned, my closet is full of gray cardis)
  • black skinnies (kept)
  • dark wash denim jacket (kept)
  • blue chevron maxi dress (returned; too long)

None of that was particularly adventurous, but the items I kept were perfect for my semi-casual workplace.


You can learn more about Stitch Fix and schedule your first Fix here!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What did you think? Would you do it again? Let me know in the comments!

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