My Indigo Tones Color Analysis – Complete with Hair-tervention.

Color AnalysisIt was over two months ago when I announced that I was going to have Kerry from Indigo Tones do my personalized color analysis. But then life got in the way, and I haven’t been able to get in for an appointment until this past week.

Let me tell you, it was pretty life-changing. And before you say, but, it’s just colors! Isn’t this just an exercise in vanity?

Only if saving money, minimalizing your wardrobe (it’s a good thing), and gaining confidence in natural beauty is vain (Spoiler alert: it’s not).

Here’s what went down:

I arrived at Indigo Tones at 1pm with no makeup except for a little black mascara. We took a before pic, and got started. The first thing Kerry did was look at my hand against 4 different colored boards, each representing a different season.  It was striking how different the skin on the back of my hand looked against each different color. My skin was even and smoothed out when placed on the black board, which Kerry said indicated that I am a “Winter.”

To prepare for the more formal analysis, Kerry draped me with a grey cloth.  Because my hair is so far from its natural color (more about that later!), I also got to wear this gorgeous grey hair cap!

Color Analysis

Then we started draping.  Since we knew I am a “winter,” we had to figure out if I am a Cool Winter, a Dark Winter, or a Bright Winter. Figuring this out involved Kerry draping me with what seemed like hundreds of different color fabrics. Since Kerry has done thousands of consultations, this process went a lot quicker than it sounds! She was able to easily see how each gradation made my eyes brighten or my skin appear smoother. About halfway through, I was starting to see the differences, too.  Being able to see the subtle changes in my look depending on subtle color differences was really exciting for me!

Color Analysis

Ultimately, we decided I am a cool winter. The “cool” part surprised me, because since I have olive skin, I have always assumed I have warm undertones. But there was no questioning what I saw – draped in the cool winter colors, my skin was brighter, my eyes sparkled, and I looked like myself — just more like myself.

Color Analysis

Then we talked hair.  

On left is more of my current colored hair: lots of reddish and golden tones. At right is my hair pulled back so you can see more of my natural roots: more ashy, and much, much darker.

At this point in the consultation, shit got real. Kerry sat down across from me, and said this:

“I’m speaking to you as a friend. You need to let your hair do it’s natural texture (I have wavy hair which I straighten), and you need to stop putting in those highlights and let your hair do it’s natural thing. You’re a COOL winter. Embrace the ashy tones and stop coloring your hair. You can color the grays — but that’s it.”

She said this so seriously, and so confidently, I was a little intimidated. When I got home, though, and began thinking about it, I realized that I always say I’ll do anything to my hair. But that’s not really true. So I started by wearing my hair wavy.  And next time I go to the salon, I think I’ll try going back to my natural color — making sure to color the grays, of course!

But we still weren’t done! In addition to colors and hair, Kerry also provides a makeup consultation AND a style consultation. She gave me some great advice on how to incorporate my colors into my wardrobe, what styles work best with my personality and lifestyle, and how to pare down my makeup collection (and it is a prodigious one) to just the colors that flatter my skin tone.

indigo tones1


I went home with my “Cool Winter” swatch book (included with the analysis), and that’s when the real work began.  I’m sick of having a closet full of clothes I never wear. I would like to be more minimalist AND more intentional about what comes into my home, and my closet is the perfect place to start.

Disclosure: Kerry generously and warmly provided me with a complimentary color analysis for the purpose of this review. However, I absolutely think it is worth the money for the time and care she spends on each client and all opinions are my own.

First, I pulled two new dresses I purchased from Modcloth for upcoming weddings I’m attending this summer. I was delighted to see that both dresses, with their bright jewel tones, perfectly matched the color swatches!

Modcloth Dresses

I also had a Stitch Fix box that just came; I needed to decide which items I was keeping and which items to send back.  The blue top perfectly matched – and looked really cute when I tried it on.

Blue Shirt

This tangerine/coral top, however, was nowhere to be found within the Cool Winter palette, which kind of sucks because I have about 10 tops in this exact shade (what can I say? I looooove me some coral). Honestly, it only looked ok on my anyway, so I was fine with sending it back.

Coral Top

 What you can learn from an In-Depth Color Analysis:

  • How to choose colors that work with your season: this is invaluable, since it eliminates so much shopping indecision. Not sure whether to get that navy blue blouse? Well, if it’s not one of your personal seasonal colors, don’t buy it!  If you’re planning a special occasion like a wedding or a graduation, where you might be purchasing several new items, this knowledge is especially timely.
  • How to save money! We ALL have closets full of clothes that we like, but for whatever reason, never get worn. Choosing garments that you know fit within your colors and your natural style ensures that every item is something you will love and will wear frequently.
  • How to let go of what isn’t working. Less than a week after my Indigo Tones Color Analysis, I have a box FULL of clothing ready to donate. Knowing what was working for me and what wasn’t made it SO much easier to pare down my closet, spotlighting the garments that really work for me.
  • How to WORK IT.  Since Kerry focuses on the WHOLE look – makeup, hair, and style — as well as color, I walked out of my appointment with fresh confidence — and a willingness to try a new look (for me, that “new” look was going to my natural hair color/texture).
  • How to embrace natural beauty.  The first time I went out for a social event after my Color Analysis, I followed Kerry’s recommendations. I wore my hair wavy, used the makeup colors she suggested, and wore “my” cool winter colors. I felt confident and beautiful, so the compliments I got were really just a bonus!


Have you ever done a color analysis? What did you think?

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  1. could you please help me out and as to where she might be and how much the cost is I live in Nashua New Hampshire and would like to do the same thing I was done once and told I was a soft summer but this sounds really fun and a little more in depth and what I had done if you can let me know some information I would greatly appreciate it thank you and God bless peace

  2. Kerry does a fantastic job with color analysis and makeup tips!

    She has excellent training and although I’d had my colors analyzed in the past, the results didn’t feel quite right. I’d been told that I was an autumn the first time and a summer the second time. I knew that summer wasn’t correct and that many of the colors in the autumn palate (browns, camels) didn’t do anything for me and I could wear many of the colors from the winter palate.

    It turns out that I was a bright winter-something that wasn’t clear at first. But all of the bright winter colors are flattering and I really enjoy wearing my jewel toned suits and blouses.

    She is in a small town near Rochester NY. I was living in the Baltimore/Washington area a number of years ago when I had her do my color analysis. I have never regretted spending the money on a cheap flight to Buffalo NY and renting a car to make that trip! She also helped me figure out what colors and makeup would look good when I was interviewed on TV about my research findings (I knew when I flew to NY that my research was likely to get significant publicity).

    If you can’t get to NY, she might be able to refer you to someone who uses the same color system in your area. I’ve since moved to Atlanta and Kerry was able to refer me to a colleague in this area for my daughter (who’d just graduated from college and wanted to upgrade her wardrobe).