The Only Color Analysis You Will Ever Need

I’ve written many, many times about my love of online consignment retailer Twice.  I’ve purchased everything from jeans to shoes to Anthropologie dresses. Here’s the thing I haven’t written about — in nearly every order (and I probably purchase something at least once a month), I end up shipping something back. It’s the wrong color, or size, or it just looks. . .wrong. Now, I love Twice, and I love shopping. But I don’t love shipping things back, and I certainly don’t love keeping things in my closet that, despite looking great on the hanger in the store, I just never reach for.

Enter Kerry Stich. Kerry first entered my radar back in 2013 when I did the Brightspring Smoothie Detox. Carrie, the owner of Brightspring, RAVED about Kerry and her color analysis business, Indigo Tones, located in Pittsford, NY.  As the owner of Indigo Tones, Kerry will determine which of 12 color palettes suits your coloring and features the best, and then makes recommendations on wardrobe, skin care, and even hair color based on an individual’s color palette.

Wait, there are TWELVE color palettes? I always thought there were four: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Turns out, the seasons can have different permutations: Winter can be bright, summer can be soft, and autumn can be warm.  So a “Bright Spring” has totally different colors than a “Warm Spring” (although both sound lovely and inviting!)

Color Analysis

Since I love clothes, and makeup, and all things beauty, I’ve been dying for Kerry to “do my colors” for over two years. But I wondered: what kind of a VALUE was this service. I mean, yes, I knew it would be fun, and exciting, and feel pampering. But would a service like this, which, at $225, is an investment, actually SAVE me money in the long run by preventing those great-on-the-hanger-bad-on-me purchases?

I wanted to find out. So at the end of February, I have an appointment at Indigo Tones for my personal color analysis consultation.  

My goals? I have a few.

1. Fine-tune my current wardrobe so I can sell what isn’t working for me, and at the very least, break even. 2. Simplify my closet to only those items that look great every day. No more trying on more than one outfit and wasting time in the morning getting ready.
3. FINALLY figure out what colors look great for my monthly TV gig on Fox Rochester.
4. Save money by not purchasing items (clothes, jewelry, makeup, hair color) that don’t work perfectly on me.

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At a recent pre-consultation meeting with Kerry from Indigo Tones, one of her instructions was to bring all of my makeup to the appointment.

Wait, what?

ALL of my makeup.

Make Up COllection

So I guess I’m packing all of this up. I mean, look at the lippies alone. I know half of those don’t flatter me. Although I will defend a red lip to the death.

Also, I have a hair appointment before my consultation at Indigo Tones. I showed Kerry the results of my last hair color (as seen below), and she said to try to stay as close to my natural color as possible.   I agree; I’m not sure that bright red worked for me. I don’t know. My natural mix of mousy-brown-gray is something I’m just not ready to own.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 3.27.45 PM

Kerry recommends bringing a friend to the consultation, so I am bringing my mom. She will be playing Mother-of-The-Groom twice in the next 10 months, and can’t wait for some direction in picking her dresses for both of my brothers’ weddings.

I’m thrilled to be having Kerry from Indigo Tones do my color analysis; but I’m frightened as heck that I’ll find out nothing I own works for me!


Have you had a color analysis done? Was it worth it? What did you learn? I’d love to hear any tips!



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