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Kids Konserve

Wild Mint recently sent me the  Kids Konserve 3-pack stainless steel food containers to try out in anticipation of the upcoming school year, and I absolutely ADORE them. They are so easy to use! I love how even my 4 year old can open the lids easily without any assistance. Plus, stainless steel food containers have a clean, sleek look that can go from my kids’ lunch bags to my purse. They’re the perfect vehicle for all the Healthy Snacks for Kids I say I’m going to make!  Also, having these reusable containers from Kids Konserve  means that I am less likely to buy prepackaged (often expensive) snacks.  I can  buy larger quantities of dried fruit and nuts in bulk, and store it in these stainless steel containers.

Update: See my whole array of #ZeroWaste lunch gear on Fox Rochester 

One of my favorite aspects of these BPA free containers is that I have no worries about any toxic chemicals leaching into my food.

kids konserve

Why Pack a Waste Free Lunch with Stainless Steel Containers?


Despite a larger investment in reusable products, items like the Kids Konserve 3-pack stainless steel food containers will last for years. This is a much better buy, in my opinion, than flimsy plastic bags that are used once and tossed. Read more about Disposable vs. Reusable, Waste-free Lunch Savings at Wild Mint. Want to learn more? Download this free Lunch Savers guide to saving money by choosing a waste free lunch.


Chemicals like BPA and PVCs lurk in all types of plastic containers, even reusable ones – and even the ones that say BPA-free contain other chemicals that haven’t been fully tested for safety.  Using stainless steel eliminates any worry about toxic chemicals leaching into the food.

Ease of Use

Stainless steel food storage containers are easy to clean by hand, or just pop them in the dishwasher. They will never warp or rust.


View all stainless steel food containers and 10 Reasons to Use Stainless Steel

Wild Mint


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By choosing a waste-free lunch, you can also save money! Lunch Savers Tips offers a some ideas for saving money when packing a waste-free lunch:

  • Cut up fruits and veggies. Kids will often only take a few bites out of an uncut apple or whole banana. With nowhere to put the leftover fruit without making a mess, it often gets thrown away. To help avoid this, pack cut-up fruits and veggies in reusable containers. That way, if your child only takes a few bites, they can close up the container and save the rest for later. (
  • Pack drinks in reusable bottles. Because you can’t reseal juice boxes or pouches, a lot can end up going to waste. To avoid this, buy drinks in large containers and fill up a small reusable bottle so your child can close the container and save the rest for later. Or, pack water instead—it’s free! (
  • Afternoon snack check. Ask your kids to finish their lunch before digging into their snack. At times, they may ditch the remainder of their lunch and go straight for their snack which was intended for later in the afternoon ( One idea is to pack a dry snack they can put in their backpack so it is separate from their lunch foods.
  • Evaluate their leftovers. Instead of throwing out their leftovers, ask your child to bring them home. By taking a look at their leftovers, you may notice the types of food they tend to leave half-eaten or untouched. It could be that your child didn’t like the food or too much was packed. Either way, this will give you a better understanding of what and how much to pack in the future. (
  • Instead of buying prepackaged/pre-cut produce items, purchase them loose and whole, then prepare them yourself. It will only take you a few extra minutes to wash, peel, and cut produce at home.

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Good Luck!

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Company mission: At Wild Mint, we are passionate about helping families live healthier, safer, and more environmentally friendly lives.  On our website,, we offer a one-stop shopping destination where people can find only the best and safest products, information on toxic chemicals, healthy living tips, recipes, and more.

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  1. These look super handy! The fact that they’re BPA Free is excellent too!!

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  6. I prefer not to use plastic bags because of the waste, but have been using plastic tupperware type products. The steel looks like a great option, especially because plastic gets funky after too many uses.

  7. I’m happy to hear that they are easy enough for your kids to open! The worst is when the kids can’t get them open by themselves or when they try to use their teeth.

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