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One of the coolest things about having a blog like Mindfully Frugal Mom is being able to participate in unique local events.  On Thursday, May 8, I was asked to meet Lisa Lillien, aka “Hungry Girl at the Pittsford Wegmans with other local bloggers and food writers to take a tour of the Pittsford Wegmans through the Hungry Girl’s eyes.

Lisa has written EIGHT bestselling books on food, health, and nutrition, and has appeared on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel.  You can find all the Hungry Girl Books Here.

I was a few minutes late to the tour (shocker), so when I met up with the group we were in the dairy section. Lisa pointed out the Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges in Chipotle Flavor as an example of a snack that packs a big flavor punch without having a lot of calories.

hungry girl

In fact, I bet the Chipotle Cheese Wedges would taste great slathered on the Flatout Flatbread. I’ve gotten to try a variety of Flatout products recently and they are GREAT! Taste wonderful – even the kids love them, and they are very low in calories.



Wegmans Prepared Veggies are another way to add a ton of nutrition to any dish without a lot of added junk.Wegmans Veggies.jpg

Apparently, Wegmans’ new 100% Whole Wheat bread with walnuts and raisins is their biggest seller. Also, it’s DELISH. I can see kids really digging this too.

Whole Wheat Loaf.jpg

One of Wegmans’ chefs was creating Chicken Quesadillas with Flatout Bread. How good does that look?
Chicken Quesadilla.jpg

Lisa graciously took the time to sign all of our books and take pics! This woman is the selfie queen!

Hungry Girl

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  1. Sarah~Great write up! I loved finally meeting you there. She gave so many great tips that I can’t wait to try!! Let’s talk again soon!


  2. That looks like a great event…I wonder if they have anything scheduled for Atlanta? I am a huge foodie…may have to check out her books!

  3. Eating right for me is SO difficult…or so it seems! It would be SO easy to eat good, if I just thought about what I REALLY liked! The Flat Out breads and the Cheese Wedges would really make a great snack! Paired with fresh veggies/tomatoes and made into a quesadilla? Even better!

  4. I love the Hungry Girl and I entered because I would love her cookbook.

  5. I love The Hungry Girl. One of my favorites of hers is to make an egg cup with liquid eggs & Baby Bell cheese and pop it in a coffee mug and the microwave for less than a minute! YUMMY!

  6. That must have been so much fun! I love The Hungry Girl!

  7. I SO wish there was a Wegmans down here in Florida/. When we go to visit my in laws I am thrilled to get to go into that store!

  8. Green Bean says:

    Some great ideas on how to stay full.