Help Me Decide! #WarbyHomeTryOn

Disclosure: This is a compensated conversation on behalf of Warby Parker

If you’ve ever had to pick out a pair of glasses, you know what an awful process it is. First, you try on ALL.THE.GLASSES. Then you get opinions. Then you ignore all the opinions. Finally, you’re left with something that hopefully you’ll love for the next couple of years until you do it all over again.

Here’s where Warby Parker comes in. They offered me a Free Home Try On — which they do for EVERYONE! I chose 5 pairs of frames from their website and they sent them to me to try on! I get to keep them for 5 days (and hopefully get LOTS of opinions!). Then I send them all back (free shipping!) and order the ones I like. Or not. It’s an extremely low-risk program.

Here’s the home try-on box I received:

Warby Parker

Here are the five pairs I chose. Which one is your favorite?
Warby Parker Home Try One

Warby Parker

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  1. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    What a cool deal!!! I will be needing new glasses this year and will definitely remember Warby Parker. BTW—I love #5 and might look for a similar pair myself.

  2. They all look pretty similar. I guess 5 looks the best to me but I can’t tell the shape of 1. I like a more rectangular shape myself and am in the (awful) process of looking for some myself. I am going to check out their website myself right now and get me some free try ons! Thanks!

  3. I like 5. I tried Warby Parker and sadly could not find one I liked well enough. But my sister bought her glasses through them. They have great prices, that’s for sure.