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As a busy yoga mom (yeah, I’m a mom who loves yoga!), I’m always looking for solutions to help me get on my way faster. The Walgreens Healthcare clinic is a great way to deal with all the little health inconveniences of life (flu shots! Sinus Infection! Eczema! Splinters!) quickly and easily. Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Philadelphia is the closest location to me, but they are located in most major markets.

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There are so many ways the healthcare professionals at Walgreens #HealthcareClinic can help busy yoga moms like me get on my way faster and better:

1. My whole family (ages 2+) can get a preservative-free flu shot. For me and my husband especially, it’s so much more convenient to stop by a Walgreens than make a doctor’s appointment and take time from our busy days to get the flu shot.

2. The healthcare providers at Walgreens can also keep an eye on my son’s eczema. We use a variety of natural treatments to get it under control, and I can easily have it checked at Walgreens if we need to.

3.  Every single year, despite my best efforts with the Neti Pot and essential oils, I get 1 sinus infection. I love that Walgreen’s healthcare professionals can help with this! It is so inconvenient to make a doctor’s appointment, drag my kids to a waiting room filled with germs, just to get antibiotics that I need that 1 time per year. It is so much easier to pop into Walgreens, get what I need, and on my way.

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Because frankly, I need to be out and about doing what I love when I want to, not spending hours in a waiting room.

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Would you use Walgreens Healthcare Clinic? What service would you take advantage of?



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  1. That’s so convenient. I love that it’s a quicker and easier option than a doctor’s visit.

  2. i love yoga too, BTW :) good ideas :)

  3. Running out to do yoga right now then back to work. Walgreen’s is very innovative. I love how seriously they take health care. I wish we had them in Canada.

  4. I’d totally use the Health clinic for my eczema and sinus infections! I always get at least one sinus infection each year too and it’s horrible. And my eczema. oh my goodness, it has to be re-evaluated every few months.

  5. I wish our Walgreen’s had the Healthcare Clinic. We would then have a walk-in that we could take our kids to without driving 15 minutes to the next city over from us.

  6. I love walking into Walgreens and getting the answers I need. It’s very convenient!

  7. I’m a yoga loving mother too! I love how they make it so convenient and easy to get the expert help that we need. Great!

  8. I love Walgreens– very convenient. I didn’t think about them being a place where we could get our flu shot! Thanks for sharing.

    s/n- I’ve always wanted to get into Yoga. It looks peaceful!

  9. Using the Healthcare Clinic for a sinus infection is genius! I get such terrible allergies at the same time every year and they always end up turning into one. #client

  10. We don’t have one of these at our walgreens but if we did we would def. use it! I know that it is tons easier and cheaper …I hope one of the ones in my area gets these soon! I know that there are lots of minor things I could go there to get checked out, as well as my hubs!