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Stay Healthy #Shop #NaturalprobioticsDuring the winter months, I do whatever it takes to keep my family healthy and stay healthy myself. One of the primary ways I do this is to maintain digestive system balance.

Why do I focus on my belly?

Medical research asserts that natural intestinal bacteria are necessary for a strong immune response to viruses and bacteria.  I also take essential oils internally on occasion, so I make sure to enhance my gut flora (ie the natural bacteria that resides in the intestines and help fight of diseases) with natural probiotics.

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I like to use Insync Probiotic that I get at my local CVS store. Insync is a natural probiotic that contains a formula of B. Infantis probiotics that is gradually released into the body to be gentle.

In addition to taking Insync, I do a variety of other things to stay healthy:

1. Eating fruits and vegetables. This is sometimes harder in the winter, so I make green smoothies that really pack a nutrient punch.

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2. Make sure to get to the gym at least once per week for a moderate workout. If I can make it to a yoga class, that is a bonus. It balances my body and mind. Wondering why I work out at the gym?

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3. Get enough sleep. I have a tendency to have wonky sleep patterns in the winter because there is so little natural light. The one thing that helps me get a good night’s sleep is to read before bed – versus watching tv or playing on my phone. I know I’m not the only one, but I have this weird hunch that I have better sleep quality when I read rather than having screen time right before bed.

Sometimes an illness is unavoidable, but if I can do all these things, I feel like I am actually ahead of the game in terms of staying healthy.

What are your favorite ways to stay healthy in the winter?

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  1. I ran out of my probiotics and can definitely tell! I want to try this brand. Super intrigued by the GI Guard.

  2. I think getting enough sleep is one of the most important tips. I also use vitamins to help support my immune system.

  3. I take a super tonic (a natural recipe that I make myself) all year long that keeps me pretty healthy, but I need to start taking a probiotic again. I stopped a while back and notice a difference. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I try to ride the exercise bike, and just keep moving.

  5. I need some of these prebiotics, I say I up my Vitamin C during the winter to try to amp up my immune system.

  6. I like to eat healthy and take probiotics as well. I haven’t quite made it to the gym yet, but my 5 year old keeps me pretty busy. 😉 #client

  7. I too am trying to drink my green smoothies daily and take probiotics because goodness knows, being sick stinks! Thanks for sharing! #client