How to Make Snow Ice Cream – Only 3 Ingredients!

Ever wondered how to make snow ice cream? It is deceptively simple, tastes pretty good, and is a great way to take beat cabin fever in the winter time.

Snow Ice Cream

Snow Ice Cream Recipe

  • 1/4 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup milk (any kind, alternative milks fine — I used coffee creamer once)
  • 8 cups of fluffy white snow

Here’s what I do:

1. Take a big metal mixing bowl, open the back door, and grab a big scoop of snow, until the bowl is full.

2. Add the white sugar and milk to the bowl of snow. Mix thoroughly.

3. Here’s when it gets fun. Do some add-ins. Sprinkles, candy, raisins, really anything. 4

4. Serve individually, or have everyone take their spoons to the big bowl. Either way is fun – depending on how much spit you want to share with your companions. Usually it’s just my kids and I, so it’s no big deal. Is that gross? Meh.

Snow ICe Cream

How does Snow Ice Cream taste?

Surprisingly yummy. You could always add some vanilla extract or cinnamon to boost the flavor, but that’s not really the point, is it? ┬áKids have so much fun making this, it’s ready in minutes, and making snow ice cream is a great way to keep busy in the chilly winter months.

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Have you every made Snow Ice Cream? Tell me about your experience in the comments.

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  1. Love this idea. Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it yet. We may get a chance to try it out this Thursday!

  2. I’ve watched something similar in a cartoon a while ago and this brings back memories! Haha love it.

  3. What a super cute idea! So fun.

  4. I’ve never tried this before, but with all of the snow we keep getting this is something I will try out. thanks!