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When it comes to health care and prescriptions, my first instinct is always to use a natural remedy, like essential oils, or homeopathic remedies. With 2 kids with asthma, however, I resort to prescription steroids, nebulizers, and antibiotics more than I would like. Thank goodness for the Walgreens Mobile App! It makes managing my family’s health a relatively simple process (hey, it works better than me scribbling doses and times on random pieces of paper!)


Of course my 2 children both get sick at the same time, making it double the medications for me to try to remember. Add in the confusion and break of routine in the holiday season and it’s practically a full-time job.

Walgreens iPhone App

The Walgreens iPhone app (also for Android) helps me keep track of both my children’s asthma medications. Two weeks ago, both children were wheezing AND they each had a double ear infection. They were both on their asthma meds AND each on an antibiotic (but different doses).  It was a LOT to keep track of, especially when I had to communicate their medications to different caregivers.

Emma Neb

Hey – we remembered to do the nebulizer! She chooses to self-administer while sitting in a vertical laundry basket – so what?

All I needed to do, though, was enter their medication frequency and dosage into the “Pill Reminder” section of the Walgreens App, and it’s done! Whenever a dose was due, I would get a notification on my phone to remind me who gets what.  One less thing for me to keep track of = SCORE!

Walgreens Mobile App

Also, for those who use Walgreens as their primary pharmacy, it is super-easy to order refills with the Refill Scanner. Just click on the “Refill By Scan” icon and scan the QR code or Barcode on the prescription. Bam, you’re done, meds are refilled and waiting at the Walgreens pharmacy!

Even though Walgreens isn’t my primary pharmacy, I can still take advantage of the “Pharmacy Chat” — ask a Pharmacy representative  any health or over-the-counter medication questions. Obviously, this feature doesn’t take the place of a call to your doctor, but is a good source of information on the health solutions you can find at Walgreens. For example, I asked if the homeopathic remedy Chestal (by Boiron) had any interactions with my daughter’s allergy medications (it doesn’t.)

The Walgreens Mobile App isn’t just for the kids’ medications. I have been using the “Step” activity tracker to set personal fitness goals!

Walgreens iPhone App

I’m currently a Balance Rewards Member at Walgreens – it’s free to sign up — and I love the “Steps” Activity Monitor! I enter my goal – currently 6,000 steps per day — and I earn Balance Rewards ($$) for completing my goals!  Woohoo! Love that feature.

Walgreens Mobile App

Oh, and when you’re in the store and want to use that Balance Rewards card, it’s easy to load onto your smartphone so you don’t need to carry anything extra around to take advantage of Balance Rewards. Just another way the Walgreens Mobile App makes my life easier.


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  1. I am constantly forgetting to download and use apps on my phone, then again I am fairly new to the smartphone, but thank you for this, I really do need to do it!!

  2. This is really cool! I do shop at walgreens but have never thought of using the app. I’ll have to try it out for myself now. Thanks

  3. Cool– I didn’t know Walgreens app could do all of this and I shop there quite frequently! I’ll check it out!

  4. I love shopping at Walgreens. I have their app downloaded on my phone, but I didn’t know it did all of that! Super cool.

  5. I love the Walgreens app! I use it ALL.THE.TIME!

  6. That pharmacy chat feature is so convenient and useful! Definitely something I would utilize when my pediatrician’s office is closed. #client


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