Thrift Shopping at A Second Thought Resale Shop

Are you in the 16%?

16% of Americans shop at thrift stores. Are you among them?

I have been for years. I remember rummaging through a secondhand shop on the Ithaca Commons during college to find trendy clothes that fit my miniscule budget (and tiny size, back in the day!).

Back then, I wasn’t thrifting for any other reason than I had the time to search through racks and didn’t have the money to pay retail. Now, there are many more reasons I shop consignment or thrift, not just for myself, but for my whole family.  It seems like many people I know go to the big consignment shops like Once Upon a Child or Weepeats for their kids, but it’s much more taboo to shop thrift or consignment for adults. That’s why I wrote about saving money on women’s clothing by shopping online consignment.  There is NO reason to pay full price for women’s clothing, ever.  I’ve done online consignment and even garage sales to find great bargains on name brand, high quality women’s clothing.

Outfit Ideas from A Second Thought Thrift Shop

Outfit Ideas from A Second Thought Thrift Shop

I was able to go to A Second Thought Resale Shop in the Piano Works Mall (in East Rochester) recently to find an outfit to wear at Blogher 13 in Chicago.  Ironically, I realized when I walked in that I was actually wearing a pair of jeans I bought from ThredUp online consignment. :)

Even though I’ve shopped at MANY thrift shops in the Rochester area, I had never been to A Second Thought Resale Shop. One of the highlights for me is that all proceeeds from sales go to helping support disabled Guatamalans and their caregivers.

When I first walked in, I was surprised by the sheer variety of items A Second Thought carries. It is not just clothes! They have children’s toys, housewares, books, accessories, and electronic equipment. Truly, there is something for everyone.

A pet peeve I have with some local consignment shops is the pricing. If I am purchasing something someone else has owned, no matter what condition it is in, I am expecting a deal. I was thrilled to find that A Second Thought’s pricing is spot-on.

Here’s what I ended up purchasing, and what I paid:

Metallic Clutch (Vintage)- $2.40

Gold Necklace (Vintage)- $2.40

Brown Dress (Nine West) – $4.39

Floral Skirt (Casual Corner) – $3.19

Black Shirt Dress (Banana Republic) –  $4.39

You can’t beat that price point. I got everything for just over $17 with tax.

I can’t wait to wear the black Banana Republic dress around the Expo Hall at BlogHer at the end of this month. I think with the gold necklace I got it’s going to look chic but still be comfortable.

Banana Republic dress

I also found this darling Boden shift dress that I wanted to buy SO badly, but it was just a little too small for me. Do they make Spanx for boobs? Because that is what I would need to make this dress work.

AST Boden

My friend who was shopping with me helped me pick out this gorgeous brown dress that I think I’ll wear to a wedding this weekend:

AST Nine West

I also got this cute skirt:

AST Skirt

I can’t believe I got all this for only $17!

Do you shop thrift for yourself? If you haven’t yet, you should try it! No one has to know this outfit cost under $10 head to toe!

AST Dress with purse

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  1. Wow! GREAT finds!

  2. Yes I do shop at thrift shops! Mostly for household items and children’s clothing. We don’t have that many here in Massachusetts, at least that I have found.

  3. LOVE the BR dress def can’t beat that price- and you look great in it too! Totally why I love thrifting/second hand shopping!