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Until 2 years ago, the scourge of Hay Fever was something that happened to other people.

I would blithely run around in the springtime, rolling in meadows of daffodils, lingering under trees, and smelling ALL the flowers.

Ok, not exactly. But I could have if I wanted to.

Then, out of the clear springtime sky, seasonal allergies struck.


And since then, I’ve been permanently attached to my box of tissue for 3 months of the year. Since I like to use natural remedies as a first line of defense, I have come up with some ways to combat the itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and sneezing that happens this time of year.

1. Essential Oils–  Using an essential oil diffuser, I’ll combine eucalyptus, peppermint, and orange oils throughout the house (and especially my bedroom) to help with the morning congestion.

2. Neti Pot – Either you love it or you are terrified of it. I’m in the former camp. Used once or twice a day, it really relieves my sinus swelling and congestion. Some people report overdryness, and if that is the case, you can just use warm water with no salt. Make sure to stay hydrated when using the Neti Pot.

3. Check the Pollen Count. You can sign up for Pollen Count Alerts on www.myallergenius.com, and you will be alerted when the pollen in your area is high. I am signed up for this, and when I get a high alert, I try to stay inside a bit more, especially during peak pollen times. Peak pollen times are generally in the morning before 10 am, and then at dusk. Avoid being outside on days when the pollen count is  high.

4. Increase intake of anti-inflammatory Omega-3s. Omega-3’s lower inflammation in the body, including from auto-immune attacks (which is what causes the allergy attacks). Omega-3s can be found in coldwater fish, grass-fed beef, and flaxseed.

5. Try an Over-the-Counter remedy like Allegra. I wanted to learn more tips for handling my seasonal allergies, so I went to www.myallergenius.com to get some information. I found ideas for managing my allergies, an interactive Beauty App, and the Pollen Count Alerts. All were extremely useful in managing my seasonal allergies. Here is an image of the Pollen Count app — it only gives you alerts when the pollen count is high, so I’m not innundated with texts.


Let’s face it, some days it is just not realistic to stay inside with my two young children just because of allergies. On those days I take my Allegra, and now we can be outside from dawn to dusk! It makes my kids — and me — really happy.


Right now you can also save money on Allegra at CVS! I went to the MyAllerGenius site and was able to print out two coupons:  $4.00 off Adult 30-ct and larger and $2.00 off Children’s and 15-ct and higher. Plus, through the month of May, all Allegra products are on sale at CVS with your ExtraCare card. Currently they offer $6 off the 45 pack, and children’s liquid and tablets are only $9.99 throught May 31 with the CVS Extracare card.


I love saving money. :)


Would you like to learn more about how Allegra can help you control your seasonal allergies?  Join me at a Twitter Party May 14th from 1:00 to 2:00 PM EST. You can RSVP here:  http://cbi.as/e8or5. Make sure to follow Allegra on Twitter so you can get all the updates. And don’t forget to sign up for Pollen Count alerts, special offers, and discounts at My AllerGenius.

You can also check out my Google+ Album wherein I document my journey from hay fever misery to relief.Pollen Counts, Allegra

 I had so much fun enjoying the outdoors when I finally got relief from my seasonal allergies!
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  1. Allergies have been hitting me hard this past week. Thanks for the tips on how to cope!

  2. The one thing I have yet to jump on board with is a netti pot. I have tried and failed miserably numerous times. Thanks for the tips.

  3. What wonderful ideas! This season has been the worst for me to date. I used a neti pot and it was one of the only things that gave me any relief! Thanks for the tips!

    • This season has been bad. I’ve gotten the “High Pollen” alert on my phone twice just this week!

  4. i need to share these with my hubby he gets allergies bad when we are on the east coast. Thankfully we are moving back to the west coast where he dosent typically get them.

    • I’ve heard of people moving from the east to the west coast and having a significant reduction of allergies!! Too bad all our family is on the east coast. . . I think we’re staying here.

  5. My DS5 is suffering from sever allergies right now. poor guy has puffy eyes and sneezing! Thanks for these tips.

  6. We’re very lucky in that we don’t have any allergies but I am sharing this with my followers!

  7. I have been taking so much allergy medicine. I think this is my worst allergy season every.

  8. Thanks for all this great info! I am pinned this so I can always remember these great remedies!

  9. I do the same things, except the neti pot! I don’t know why, but I’m just scared of it. lol. THe essential oils and allergra are big ones for me though. I can’t survive without them.

  10. My sinuses have been going crazy recently. I only get congested at night when I sleep. During the day, my sinuses just hurt. I have tried Allegra, but it didn’t work for me. I was on Zirtec for three years, and with each year, it worked less and less until I said the heck with it. I will try the essential oils and see if that will help.

  11. I tried the Neti Pot and was thrilled to death when I didn’t drown immediately :) I was super scared of that!!