How to Make Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

Green Smoothie

Since I did the Brightspring Detox, I’ve been making a green smoothie at home nearly every day. The number 1 question I get asked about my healthy green smoothie recipes is, “But what is in them?”

The answer, usually, is whatever I had on hand that morning. But if you just want a super-simple, easy-peasy green smoothie recipe, here is the easiest formula that will yield a good-tasting smoothie, yet still contain healthy greens.

Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

Just remember 1-3-5:

1 banana, 3 cups spinach, and 5 strawberries

You’ll also need a little water in the blender to thin your smoothie.

Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

It’s so basic, but it tastes good, has all sorts of energy-boosting nutrients, and is quick to mix up.

Some quick smoothie-making tips:

  • Add about 1 cup water for 3 cups raw baby spinach. Blend those together first until the spinach is liquified.
  • Cut the berries (and take off the stems), especially if they’re really large
  • You can throw the banana in there whole, but it will blend up SO much easier if you cut it into pieces first. I just slice it over the blender.
  • The berries and banana can be frozen first, as well. Don’t bother thawing them out.
  • A fancy Vitamix blender is great, but not necessary. I use my Cuisinart 7-speed on the liquify setting for about 3 minutes.
  • For add-ins, you can do just about anything. My short list includes: pineapple, mango, kale, Chia Seeds, and blueberries.


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  1. My kids LOVE making smoothies. I wonder if they will notice if I sneak some spinach in there. I will try it out this afternoon. Thanks for confirming that a regular blender will work too. I appreciate that.

  2. Love how easy this is to prepare! I like making smoothies with fruit and yogurt. Not “green” in the literal sense, but still yummy!

  3. I love how easy this is, adding to my list of recipes to try!

  4. I love smoothies! I bet I could substitute raspberries for the strawberries and it would still be yummy! (I’m allergic)

    • You absolutely could substitute raspberries, or even blueberries, although the color wouldn’t be as green with blueberries. :)

  5. I am trying this one today, thanks for the ideas!

  6. I make a smoothie almost every day too! I tend to throw a bunch of stuff in mine and call it a meal. Frozen spinach, bec then I can stock up without worrying it will go bad. A pasteurized raw egg (no salmonella risk with these), bananas, any frozen fruit I have on hand, sometimes a drop of honey, some cranberry juice, orange mango juice, etc. Sometimes I add a tsp of peanut butter for the kids. If I do, it doesn’t matter what goes into it, the peanut butter and banana overpower everything else. If you switch it up a little every day, you’re less likely to get bored :)

  7. I’ve actually never had a green smoothie… but I need to try one! I think I should try this recipe, because it does look very easy. I’ll have to try it on my kids too :) Thanks for sharing it with us on Wellness Wednesdays.

  8. can I use milk?


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