My First Green Smoothie

I’m a veteran green juice drinker but I had my first green smoothie yesterday as part of the Brightspring 10 Day Detox.

Watch the video to see what I thought (and please excuse my 5-year-old cameraman):

Does it look yummy to you??

Day 1 down, 9 days to go! The good: I felt physically quite well yesterday. No gastroparesis after lunch like I usually get. Also, the food I ate was all really yummy. The bad: I was a little bit hungry, and ended up going to bed super early to take my mind off it (although that is just as well since I was exhausted today).

Make sure to check out my “Before” picture and read more information about the Brightspring 10 Day Detox.

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  1. Ok, this post is perfect timing for me…we are about to do this in a few weeks after I get back from a few trips, and I am checking out the detox. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I have been wanting to do this for a while but I hate being hungry! Makes me cranky but I do love green smoothies.

  3. I just realized that bikini season is almost here. I want to try a detox like this!

  4. I tried a detox once before and it was just so bad for me. I was cranky and hungry and I had the worst headaches :/ I didn’t completely the detox, but I do love me some green smoothies! I usually make mine with Kale, but I’m going to try spinach soon. Good luck on your detox, I hope you have better results!

    • I actually haven’t been hungry today at all, but I think it’s because I had avocados in my salad at lunch — all those good fats kept me full.

  5. Good luck for the next 9 days. You’re stronger than me for even attempting this, haha.