My Brightspring Detox: The After

Six days ago I completed the Brightspring 10 Day Detox. As I sit with my forbidden cup of coffee (hold the sugar!) in front of me, I am looking back at the past two weeks – what worked, what didn’t — and what parts of the Detox I want to incorporate in the future.

But first, what were my results?

I want to repeat, I did not do the 10 day Detox to lose weight. I did it to see if a new way of clean eating would improve my gastro-intestinal symptoms.

That said, I did lose weight: 9 pounds. Not too shabby considering I ate bacon every other day!  When I saw the number on the scale at the end of the detox, I was in shock.

Before and After

I entered my food into My Fitness Pal (an awesome app) during a few  days on the detox, because I was curious about my macro and micro nutrient profile on the detox. Here’s an idea of a day on the Detox:

Fat – 69 g
Carbs – 34 g
Fiber – 15 g
Sugar – 13 g
Protein – 98 g
Vit A – 287% RDA
Vit C – 90% RDA
Calcium – 42% RDA
Iron – 78% RDA

In contrast, here is a day that I was counting calories, BEFORE the detox:

Fat – 59 g
Carbs – 200 g
Fiber – 23 g
Sugar 80 g
Protein – 41 g
Vit A – 672% (I had carrot squash soup that day)
Vit C -146%
Calcium – 106%
Iron – 63%

It seems crazy to me now how high the numbers for carbs and sugar are!  And kind of scary, especially since I did fine on SO much less sugar during the Detox!

As for my gastro symptoms, on a typical day, I vacillate between hungry and nauseous. There is no middle ground. During the whole 10 days on the Detox plan, I was only nauseous once, and for less than an hour. I think that’s a record for me!

Here’s where we’re going to get into some TMI:  I would recommend drinking a LOT of water. Despite the high amounts of fiber I was getting through the smoothies and veggies, I did find the Detox slightly constipating. Not distressingly so, but in the spirit of full disclosure, there it is.

Was I hungry?

Yeah, there were definitely times that I wanted to grab a non-liquid snack. But those times were fewer than I thought they would be. Nighttime was definitely the hardest. We happened to move from one house to another smack in the middle of the detox, so during the day, I was way to busy to even think about snacks. And I never had those annoying mid-morning blood sugar dips that I usually get.

Also, since we were moving, I was much more physically active than usual. I definitely had the energy to do everything I needed to do. In fact, my dad later said he was shocked that I managed to peel wallpaper and paint in 2 rooms in less than 24 hours!

It was also easier than I thought to eat out and on the go with the detox plan. A few nights during the moving chaos, I went to the hot bar at Wegmans and had either a grilled chicken or roasted salmon with sauteed veggies.

My take-away? I’ll definitely continue some aspects of the detox.

Nutrient Density — Pick foods that give the most bang for the buck –fresh, well-prepared whole ingredients.

Eat a Detox Breakfast every day. Eggs with sauteed greens are filling, yummy, and healthy.

Baby carrots are just a delicious with homemade guacamole as with chips.

I also have a new favorite side dish – brussels sprouts, bacon, and butternut squash. Nom nom.

Chia really is a superfood. High in fiber and omega-3s, Chia is not just for informercials anymore.  I’m going to start including it in my homemade smoothies and juice.

Finally, while I don’t believe that grains are the devil, I think reducing the amount of processed carbs and sugar I am consuming has a positive effect on my health.

Picture 10

The Brightspring 10 Day Detox isn’t a budget program. Prices start at $20 per day for pick-up. But I’ve paid $6.50 for an 8 oz veggie smoothie at my favorite juice bar.  If I had three of those a day, it would be about the same price as the Detox, but with the detox you get Carrie’s expertise, advice,  and meal plans to support you through the process.

Would you like to read more about my Detox Journey?

If you would like to learn more about the foods featured on the detox, here is some recommended reading:

I also urge you to check out the other services Brightspring Health provides, like 1 on 1 nutritional counseling, Brightspring Parties, or a Healthy Pantry Makeover!

Disclosure: I received a promotional version of the Detox gratis. All opinions are my own.

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