My Brightspring 10 Day Detox: The Halfway Point

Picture 3So there is good news and bad news.

We’ll get the bad news out of the way first: I cheated on my Detox. 

But here’s the good news: It was with a glass of champagne to celebrate my family moving into a new house!

Honestly, I don’t feel guilty. It was truly  a once in a lifetime event, so I’m cool with it (And I think Carrie at Brightspring Health would be cool with it too). Especially since my whole family ate Dibella’s subs, chips, soda, and cookies in front of me right before and I sat dutifully eating my grilled chicken with avocado and sauteed green beans (thank you Wegmans $6 meals!). Considering the fact that I prepared my own chicken/bacon/avocado/ romaine wrap in the car on the way to the closing, I think I earned it.

Today was hard though. On one hand, I am 100% sure that  eating this way and drinking my smoothies kept my blood sugar under control as I packed, loaded, unloaded, ran to the closing, picked up kids, and on and on. I got hungry, but it was more because I didn’t take the time to stop and eat, and it wasn’t that panicky low-blood-sugar hungry.

On the other hand – DiBellas. Cookies. Chips. COFFEE.

Avocado and Bacon

What have I been eating instead. Lots of avocado. Lots of bacon. Lots of butternut squash, romaine, and greens. Frankly, there is a huge variety of things I can eat on my Detox, but with the craziness of moving, I’m not exactly preparing a ton of food. I have a batch of premade bacon, some cut up veggies, and some avocados, and I’m just taking them from house to house with me. I’m hoping by day 7 I can branch out a little more.

But I made it through moving day. Phew. 5 days down, 5 days to go.

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