Cheap & Green in 2013: Use a Lemon to Clean your Faucets


Lemon ShineI always have a few lemons handy.  I use them in my everyday detox juice as well as my favorite green juice. But I never want to throw the lemons away after I’ve squeezed them. Certainly, I’ll be able to use the rind in a recipe, or get just a little more juice next time.  And as a result, there is often an old squeezed out dirty lemon sitting on my counter.

One day, in a fit of cleaning, I had an old half of a lemon poised over the trash can, when I remembered a tip that I must have read somewhere. I recalled reading that you can use lemon juice to clean the stainless steel fixtures on your sink.

So  I took that used up, nasty half a lemon, and scrubbed it everywhere on my fixtures and sink. I let it sit for a few minutes then wiped it off with a damp cloth. The result?

lemon shine 2

I could practically see my face reflected in the faucet, it was so clean. In fact, I’m kind of embarrased to admit that my faucet has NEVER been this clean.

And it’s just fabulous that this sad old lemon got one more good use out of it before it went to the trash can!

What is your favorite non-food use for lemons??


cheap & green




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  1. How timely! I just squeezed half a lemon into my water this morning and left the remains of it in my stainless steel sink meaning to grind it up later in the disposal. I just scrubbed my faucet and sink to a mirror shine with that lemon and wiped it down with a paper towel. Looks great and smells great too! Thanks for the tip!