Menu Plan Monday: Week three of Once A Month Menu

I’m starting the third week of my once a month menu planning and grocery shopping today. Some things are going great, but there are still some definite tweaks that need to be made.

Here’s what’s working:

  • I never have to worry about what’s for dinner. Just look at tonight’s meal plan in the morning, take out/prep as needed, and we’re good to go!
  • Fewer trips to the market to pick up things we’ve run out of. It’s heavenly having a fully stocked pantry.
  • It’s forcing us to eat (and make) more whole foods snacks like apple leather and nut butter balls since the snack foods were the first things to get eaten. :)

And what needs work:

  • We ran out of some staples like milk, eggs, and yogurt early on, so I need to allow for extras midway through the month in the budget.
  • Lunches are a little boring. Either PB&J or Applegate cold cut sandwiches. Next month, I’m going to come up with some more ideas for fun but still easy lunches. Last week we had pumpkin pancakes one day, which was fun.


Two weeks in, and I haven’t stepped foot in Wegmans in two weeks (well, other than a prescription pick up). Even with the few missteps I’ve made, I’m 100% sure that just staying out of Weggies is saving me money. I’ll make a trip tomorrow to restock a few perishables and shop the Free & Under $1.00 list from this week’s Wegmans Matchups, but I’m hoping to keep it under $35. Do you think I can do it?

Wondering what’s for dinner in our house this week?

Monday: Freezer Enchiladas & Rice

Tuesday: Linguini with Peas

Wednesday: Chili and Biscuits

Thursday: Stuffed shells

Friday: Chana Masala

Saturday: Homemade Pizza & carrot sticks

Sunday: Carrot-Apple Pancakes


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