How to Preserve Your Freezer Stockpile When the Power Goes Out

With Hurricane Sandy approaching the Northeast today, many people are bracing for a day or more without power.

If you are like me and have a substantial stockpile of food in your freezer, here are some helpful tips to preserve everything as long as possible:

  1. A Full Freezer is a Cold Freezer. A full freezer will stay below 40 degrees for 48 hours, provided you DON’T OPEN IT.
  2. If your freezer is only half full, you only have 24 hours to keep your food safe.
  3. A food thermometer is your friend. Toss any food that registers over 40 degrees fahrenheit.
  4. If the power is out for 2 hours or less, your refrigerator and freezer items should be fine, as long as you keep both appliances closed.
  5. Stick a food thermometer in your freezer right now. If, when the power comes back on, it reads below 40 degrees, you should be safe to refreeze the freezer contents.
  6. When in doubt, throw it out. Food poisoning is just not worth it.

What tips do you have for keeping food safe when the power goes out?

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