Lose those nighttime fears with Monster-Be-Gone

Can you relate to this? It’s been a long day of parenting. You finally put your child to bed, turn off the lights, and sit down to relax with the Real Housewives (insert your own mindless guilty pleasure).

Then it starts. First the whimpering. You stay very still and hope you’re just imagining it. But it becomes harder and harder to ignore. The crying reaches a fever pitch and you click off the Real Housewives and trudge your tired limbs upstairs to see what your precious little snowflake needs.

If your child is hungry, or cranky, or just overtired, I can’t help you. But if they’re afraid of the dark, like my daughter is, then I have the perfect remedy: Monster-Be-Gone.

Here’s what I do. Generally Emma asks to keep her door open and the hall light on. That’s fine. But if that’s not enough, I go into my special cabinet and pull out the Monster -Be-Gone. With great drama and ceremony I spray it in every corner of the room. Then Emma knows that no monsters can bother her and I can watch Real Housewives (I personally favor NYC)  in peace.

Want to make your own? It’s easy.

Just add about 10 drops of Lavendar Essential Oil to 2 oz of white vinegar. Store in a dark glass spray bottle. Use with seriousness and aplomb.

You don’t have to use lavendar, but that’s what I use because lavendar has been shown to have calming properties. And it works for me!

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  1. Ok, I officially bestow on you the “Brilliant Idea” award of the day! :-)