Kigo Eco-Friendly “Barefoot” Shoes just $35.00!

Pure Citizen is back! They revamped their site and are back with all new eco-friendly and organic deals!

I love today’s deal on Kigo earth-friendly shoes! I love that they are both made of recycled materials AND can be recycled themselves. This Mary-Jane style is perfect for light exercise, walking, or pilates!

About Kigo Shoes:

Shoes and packaging are comprised of eco-friendly, post-consumer and biodegradable elements – so the shoes are as good for the Earth as the body. The first real minimalist footwear option designed specifically for women, the Kigo Curv is a sleek Mary Jane style shoe. Crafted for style and comfort, the Kigo Curv is light, healthy and tasteful, whether you are wearing them for commuting, Pilates or general everyday wear.

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