Meal Planning 101- Step Three: Shop Your Pantry

Are you interested in saving money on your next grocery bill?

Then you need to take a look at your pantry and ask yourself this essential question: what meals can you create out of ingredients you already have on hand?

Do you have pasta, a bag of frozen veggies, milk, and cheese? Make an improvised veggie mac and cheese using homemade cheese sauce.

Have some beans (any kind), cheese, tomato sauce, and corn or peppers? Add some spices, and make a slow cooker enchilada mix to serve over rice or burrito wraps.

Have a box of macaroni, tomato sauce, and ground beef?  Add some veggies (onions, peppers, corn, carrots, or really anything), add a pinch of paprika, salt and pepper,  and you have an easy goulash.

I try for at least 3 of my meals for the week to be composed only of ingredients I have on hand, so I can buy less at the grocery store,and have more grocery dollars to use towards organic produce or milk.

Don’t forget to download your FREE printable Pantry Staples list!


What are your favorite pantry meals?


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  1. I just went through our pantry and freezers yesterday and made a list of everything I have on hand. I am due any day now so this way I am ready to know what meals I can make!


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