Free Meal Planning for Life From Food on the Table!

This awesome deal that so many of you love is going to be gone tomorrow night, so I wanted to remind you of it one more time. You can get a free, unlimited lifetime membership to Food on the Table Meal Planning Service!!

Just use code SPRINGFREE when you sign up to get an unlimited membership free for life!

Food on the Table is an awesome meal planning service helps you to find thousands of easy, healthy recipes; save money by knowing the items that are on sale; and  simplify your shopping experience with a well organized grocery list.

I also like that you can specify the type of meals you like: vegetarian, traditional, etc.

Normally, you are only allowed 3 meals per week free, but with this lifetime unlimited membership, you’ll get to plan every meal you make for FREE!

I signed up for Food on the Table, and even though my primary grocery store isn’t on the list yet, I will still use it for meal planning ideas.  I can always use help coming up with new meal ideas!

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