Frugal Friday: One Chicken, 24 Hours, 5 Meals

When I wrote earlier this week about how to make chicken broth from a whole chicken, I promised I would include some recipes for how to use the actual chicken meat to last several meals.

To recap, I purchased one organic chicken for $3.49/lb. It cost me $12.56 (I had a $1 off Wegmans Organic Chicken coupon that I used).  I already made 2 large canning jars worth of broth, so I had to come up with ways to make that $12 chicken last as long as possible.  Here’s what I did.

After I separated the meat from the bones and organs (which I used to make the broth), I set all the meat aside to cool. When it was cool, I sorted it out into 4 ten oz servings, and stuck  3 of them in the freezer.  The fourth I reserved, and tossed in a separate pot (because my broth was still cooking), and left out to make chicken soup with. So here are my meals:

1. Chicken Soup (2 big jars): Fresh homemade broth, chicken, and 1 bag of frozen mirepoix (what can I say, I was too tired to chop veggies by the time my broth had been simmering for almost 20 hours).  I’ll add some egg noodles when I reheat.

2. Chicken Quesadillas: In between 2 flour tortillas, spread shredded cheese, corn from the freezer, and 1 bag of chicken. We were able to make 5 quesadillas with this chicken, which was enough for our family of four.

3. Pasta with Chicken & Peas:  I make a sauce using milk, butter, flour, and parmesan cheese (like a roux), and pour it on pasta. Mix in a bag of frozen peas and 1 bag of chicken.

4. Chicken Taco Soup

So let’s sum up: from one chicken that cost $12.56, I ended up with 2 meals of chicken noodle soup, 2 16oz jars of broth, 1 meal of chicken quesadillas, one meal of pasta with chicken and peas, and one meal of chicken taco soup. 5 meals, 32 oz of broth.  That comes to under $2 per meal for fresh, organic meat. Not too shabby!

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