Natural Remedies Rite Aid Deal: Update

I went to Rite Aid this morning to try to get my free natural cold & flu remedies. I absolutely did NOT do the deals perfectly. I’m fairly certain I could have done a little better if I didn’t have a crying almost-2 year old flailing in my arms the whole time. :) (Side Note: I gave both my kids an old wallet with a “coupon” in it to occupy them for the trip. I had a 50% success rate — it worked for the 3 1/2 year old, not for the 21 month old).

Here’s what I got: The tiny piece of paper on the right is my $8 extra +UP rewards. I meant to use it on the second transaction to make it free or near free, but I wasn’t thinking on my feet this morning (reference side note above).

Transaction #1:

Duract Cough Quickmelts – $6.00
ColdBuster Warming Syrup — $8.00
Total Out of Pocket: $14.00 ($14 worth of +UP rewards printed)

Transaction $2:

Similisan Kid Cough Relief — $3.99  minus $1/1 Coupon=$2.99
Zarbees Cough and Cold — $6.99
Total= $9.98 minus $6 in +UP rewards from transaction #1
Total Out of Pocket=$3.98

Total Amount Owen in Single Check Rebates:$9.99 (will be sent to me at the end of the month)
Net Amount Spent =$0 (after all SCRs and +UP rewards). It’s actually $7.99, but I have an $8 +UP reward to use so it evens out to $0.

Have you tried this deal at RIte Aid this week? I’d love to hear how you did!

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  1. Anytime I take the kids they always throw me off.