Make it Yourself Monday: Pan Searing Flour

Pan Searing Flour

Wegmans is smart.  Really smart.  In many of their Menu Magazine recipes, they promote products that you can only buy at Wegmans.  Makes sense, right?

On some of these products, though, I found with minimal thought you can make it yourself for much less money and hassle.

One of these products is Wegmans Pan-Searing Flour. For $1.99, you get 10 oz of “special” flour in which you can dredge chicken or fish in preparation for searing in oil.   I was totally on the bandwagon with this product, until one day I went to use it and realized I only had 1 teaspoon left — not enough to season a whole batch of fish.

So I read the ingredients. They are: Enriched Bleached Flour, Sea Salt, Spice.


That’s it? Flour and salt?

This is an easy one.

Pan Searing Flour

makes enough for four 4-6 oz pieces of meat or fish

1/4 c white flour – Hands down, Gold Medal Wondra Flour is the absolute best choice for this! It doesn’t clump!
2 tsp sea salt (make sure to get Fine Ground sea salt as opposed to coarse)
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp other spices (Basil, cumin, or paprika, depending on the type of recipe I am making)

The key here (according to Wegmans’ chefs who were interviewed about it) is to sift the mixture together so it is light with no clumps. This will create even browning in the pan. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, dredge meat or fish, then cook.

My favorite recipe to use Pan Searing Flour with is my Ginger Garlic Grilled Salmon Recipe – it comes out perfect every time!

Original Price: $1.99
Make it Yourself Price: pennies.


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  1. I've been making that for years :)

  2. Stacey — You're smarter than me! I couldn't believe I'd been paying $1.99 a jar for years before I –duh! — read the ingredients!

  3. I love Wegman’s Pan Searing flour. It’s one of my favorite little go-to items for making things taste better (I’m a novice cook, after spending the last 20 years eating out or doing take-out, so I’m doing a lot of sauteed stuff, and a bit of fried). I’m surprised that other brands don’t make it.

    The older version of the Wegman’s Pan Searing Flour label listed White Pepper, and if you’re making your own, definitely add this. It’s a little like their secret ingredient. It’s great in the flour, yet, to me, it’s awful by itself.

    I buy a few at Wegmans when I get out there, but if I run out, I use Wondra flour with the sea salt & white pepper.

    I also use it to thicken sauces, etc. Great stuff.

    Your variations look delish, too. I’m going to try the basil version. McCormick makes a really tasty Worcestshire Pepper that rocks. That could be really good with salt & flour as a stronger pan searing flour.


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